One Hit Wonder

Issue #3                                                                                                             Nov./Dec. '98

What do you get when you take 3 students of '60s British Invasion Pop, put them in the studio writing and honing their craft, and then set them loose?

You get WOW with their disc One Hit Wonder.

Aiming to avoid the pitfall of the title WOW stocked this disc with enough "One Hits" to overcome any wonder. WOW has produced a pop disc that is rooted in the past, yet flourishes in the present. These "Classic" pop tunes would be right at home on any of the early Who ("Insomnia") and Kinks ("Social Climber") records. Did someone say The Standells? ("Jennifer"), and it doesn't stop there, you get 12 tracks that ask you; Is this '60s pop for '90s people?, or '90s pop for '60s people? You decide.

WOW's single "Since You Told Me Goodbye", released on the internet, went to #10 on's most requested list. A glimpse of success? As far as the band is concerned, I think they sum it up nicely in the final verse of the disc's title track, when they sing; "Heavy rotation on MTV/ Opening slot for STP/Solid gold record gonna shine bright for me/Kiss of death "Best New Artist" nominee." Nice job guys.

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