Cloud - Wasted EP

Issue #25                                                                                             Jan. ’01

Spunk Rock.

(Huh? Hold that thought)

It’s a new year and we’ve just witnessed The Beatles climb back into Number #1, and rightfully so, to start the new millennium (we; being of the “Millennium/Century/Decade begins on the 01 cycle” camp). And, I remember fondly the British Invasion of the mid 60’s only to be resurrected again in the 2nd British Invasion of the late 70’s/early 80’s. Haven’t kept up lately (mid to late 90’s house/rave???), but we’ve got a British Import in our hands that says we really don’t care what the “next” British Invasion holds for these American Shores - for we here at IndepenDisc are enjoying the Rockin’ Big sound coming out of Herne Bay, England on the Manic Records Label.

Spunk Rock

(hang on just a bit more)

Wasted EP by Cloud is 5 songs that draw to mind the Clash style vocal attack of early Joe Strummer, and Mick Jones guitar hero slashing, but it is taken over quite quickly by the ever lingering Hammond organ, bringing instantly to mind John Lord of early Deep Purple, and you’re off… (This disc should definitely be on the “Bring to the next party” list) by the time Track 1 “Wayward Child” is winding down you’ve just bounced enough to run right out and start a party of your own. This is the beer drenched dance of personal expression that English Rock showed us was a goodtime in the first place - whether we’re talking the Mid 60’s British Invasion, the late 70’s/early 80’s version or the ones that I must’ve missed since… This music has Spunk!

Spunk Rock.

(Yes, Spunk Rock)

Spunk Rock from England is just shredding it’s way through our feel good attitude with a bit of depression inducing lyrics. But, we listen to Track 2 “Magic Carpet” (you should be listening to this song right now) and we defy and soar to such grand heights on the awesome legend of the Hammond organ and the Mick Jones groovy shredding guitar layered beside a 3 and a second drum solo that’ll have you air drumming, that by time it’s back to the swirling groove of the Hammond organ/lead guitar duel we’ve climbed aboard.

Spunk Rock

It’s hot; It’s Cloud dancing through 3:30-4:00 minute punk tunes (which should log in at half that length, yet compact the punch/trip of the heavier 6 to 8 minute and longer [much longer in some cases] songs of Classic Deep Purple) with reckless abandon as they tug you along for the feel good musical ride of the new year.

Spunk Rock

You may never hear it. It may not manifest itself into a movement of “Invasion” type proportions. No one might ever take notice of this, but we here at IndepenDisc think you should at least check it out. These five songs of party inducing music fervor will put a bit of Spunk into you. And, we can’t think of a better way to start the New Year/Decade/Century/Millennium...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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