D.J. Lauria Band - Satellite Pictures

Issue #5                                                                                                                   Feb. '99

It's February and there's not much happening, unless you count Valentine's Day, the impeachment soap opera, and the crazy weather. What better a time than now to introduce the IndepenDisc Label Spotlight where every so often we showcase an Independent Record Company that we feel deserves a closer look.

This month we've trained the Spotlight on C&D Records of Providence R.I. in the
USA. Founded in 1996 by the members of the D.J. Lauria Band, C&D Records roster of Artists include: Black & White (Rhythm & Blues Rock 'n' Roll), Q (Progressive Jazz-Rock), Smoky Topaz (60's Soul), and D.J. Lauria Band (Modern Pop).

We held a cyberchat with the President of C&D Records, Mr. D.J. Lauria, to find out a bit of what drives this independent Label.

IMC: Could you give us a Brief description of C&D Records?
DJL: There is an overabundance of talented musicians in
Southeastern New England (roughly, the triangle formed by Boston, Cape Cod, and Providence.) Most of the labels are concentrated in Boston; it seemed natural to try to fill the void in Rhode Island. We do what every indie does: try to help with tour support and publicity for bands that have enough of their business together to at least get their own CDs out. Our corporate goal is to get one of our bands a guest shot on NBC's hot new drama about a woman who, after deciding that her life in California is shallow, learns you CAN go home: "Just Shoot Me."

IMC: Why Music?
DJL: No one had any interest in my sushi bar.

IMC: What's your motto?
DJL: The line must be drawn he-ah!

IMC: What was/is your favorite 8-Track/Cassette tape to make out in a car to?
DJL: Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark."

IMC: You know the drill, You're on a desert island and can only have 3 discs. Name your 3 desert island discs.
DJL: 1. Marshall Crenshaw, "Lifes Too Short." Pop songs with really loud guitars, and an even louder snare drum. What's cooler than that?
2. Elvis Costello, "Get Happy." Good thing he wasn't.
3. Dave Brubeck, "Take Five." Who else can groove in 13/8?

IMC: Who are the 2 people who influenced your musical being the most?
DJL: Mom/Dad for letting me go to music school. My first real guitar teacher, Paul Murphy, for showing me how you can be a Professional musician.

IMC: We all have a guilty pleasure that we love to listen to, but hate to admit it to anyone, What is one of your musical guilty pleasures?
DJL: The Monkees. Mike Nesmith was the coolest guy ever in a wool hat.

IMC: Finally, Anything of *REAL* importance that you would like to conclude with?
DJL: It is not impossible to strike a match on a marshmallow. Just very difficult.


There you have it, a surprisingly candid interview that revealed many of the reasons why we here at IndepenDisc have been enjoying the music released on C&D Records. Two of those releases are this month's Featured Artists.

We start with the D.J. Lauria Band CD Satellite Pictures a solid disc of quintessential Modern Pop. Seven tracks, that upon first listen disclosed themselves to all have "single" prominence. That is, of course, until we found out that this is a collection of the band's most recent singles.

Satellite Pictures opens with "Huddleston Pond" a beautifully constructed pop gem that takes you back to that lost love and puts a smile to your sadness. It sets the theme, for the most part, as we are taken on a familiar musical journey through failed relationships of the past, a subject that lends itself perfectly to the modern pop stylings expertly crafted here. Ache with the passion; musically, vocally, and lyrically of "Day Before We Met" (“Please come back/It was so long ago/and I have such fond regrets”). Subconsciously enjoy the railroad metaphors and jaunty bounce of "Emergency Stop" detailing a sudden break-up. Also included here is Billboards 1995 Song Contest winner "Time That I Forgot" a song that captures the essence of this disc; Rich in its simplicity, pure and uncomplicated, filled with hooks that'll lodge in your brain and lyrics that you'll be singing in the shower.

D.J. Lauria (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), John Andrade, Jr. (Drums), and John Sundstrom (Bass) are talented musicians that shine throughout this rollickin' fun disc.

D.J. Lauria Band - Satellite Pictures
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