Jessica's Attic - Disclaimer
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ISSUE #1                                                                                                    September '98

Every now and then something hits you when you least expect it. Gothic/Deep Space/Dance/Spoken Word is how Jessica's Attic describes themselves. I personally do not care for any of those genres, To me this is 'Future Rock'. While the pundits will discuss and argue forever about the future of 21st century Rock, Jessica's Attic is making tomorrow's Rock today.

Starting with a space induced electronica backbeat, adding vintage Talking Heads "Remain In Light" style tribal rhythms, and using spoken word vocals (both male and female) to offset the balance, Jessica's Attic takes you on a journey whose only boundaries are that of your own self consciousness. Then, just as the nature of the rhythm becomes familiar, from out of nowhere comes the slicing and shredding of a guitar god whose manic assaults magically float along the top of the solid rhythm and backbeat. By the time you recover from the "early Pink Floyd/David Gilmore" flashback, you realize that you are on the road to Future Rock.

Be forewarned; This road, like most others, has its highs- "This The Force", the powerful, hypnotic opener, "She Said", a jammin' space dance, "No Mothers Son", Rick James doing Rave- and its lows- "Serpent", too sinister, "Abbey", too s-l-o-w. But like the individual songs that take off just past the half way marks, it is the final 3 song cycle that firmly entrances you. "Isle Of Dreams", "Angry Man", and "As Close To Heaven" can only be described as a mystical excursion that transcends the time and space of music. It launches you into a semi-catatonic yet peaceful state of being and imagination. As you reach for the repeat key on these 3 songs you'll wonder what it is...

It's Future Rock, It's Jessica's Attic - Disclaimer
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(Check out the Jessica's Attic loosely related project:
The Veil )

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