Weapon X - Behind These Walls

Issue #42                                                                                                                   Oct. '02

Behind These Walls” by Weapon X is Old School Metal of the highest regard. Instantly conjuring up mental Metal images of Iron Maiden and Queensryche. The opening title track screams along with Martin O’Brien, who carries one of the finest Hard Rock / Metal vocals to the heights needed when reproducing the arena dominating music of Metal’s heyday. As much as the pounding rhythm section of Max Lopez (bass) and Eric Setreus (drums) recalls the indistinguishable sounds of ‘80s Hair Metal, it also reaches back to the establishing foundation of the early to mid ‘70s Hard Rockers. Accenting this point is lead guitarist Vinnie Guarniere, whose soaring solos take flight across the decades to have us playing “Name that guitarist he sounds like there” – when, in fact, it’s just Vinnie asserting his control over the instrument, and the genre as well.

Slickly professional from its packaging (dig the graphics by Peter Jivkov) to its sound (kudos to producer/engineer N.S. “Buck” Brundage), it’s hard to believe Weapon X is an “Indie” band hailing from the Meriden/Wallingford section of Connecticut. Whether it’s the Hardedge, Headbanging crunch of the title track Behind These Walls, or Mr. Sinister, Hunter-Killer, and the anthem-like Thunderstorm (which could bring the house down at any arena Metal show), or the radio-friendly, Monster ballads (containing positive-spin, life-lesson lyrics) like Hearts Get Broken, Run Through The Rain, Sometimes Life, and That’s Just You (all of which could be hits with the flick of the audiences Bic’s), we find the music to be Top notch; full of the energy and life that makes Hard Rock and Metal the institutions they rightfully are.

While younger enthusiasts will point out influences and parallels of such Old School Metal staples as Ratt, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Cinderella, and Poison (to name a few) – these aging bones hear snippets of even Older School Metal such as; Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, and Bad Company. All of which adds up to a solid CD of Goodtime Hard Rock-n-Rollin’ Metal. With Behind These Walls, Weapon X produces a sound of artistic merit that simply WAILS!

Weapon X - Behind These Walls
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