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Playlists are text files that media players can read in order to play songs in a defined order (in this case, our album). Two formats have been provided, in the hope that one or the other will work with your media player. 

in PLS format
in M3U format
Play WAV Files Play WAV Files
Play Ogg Files* Play Ogg Files*

If you are having problems, a highly recommended, free, and lightweight media player is Media Player Classic.

*WAV offers full-fidelity CD-quality audio. Ogg is a compressed format like MP3, trading audio quality for small file size, but without the patent issues plaguing MP3. For more information on Ogg and what players currently handle it see:

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All songs Bret Logan 1991-1998 except

Six/Eight Bret Logan, Scott McDonald, Ray Neal, Andy Reynolds 1998
All video Scott McDonald 2007
Presentation Design Bret Logan 2007
Memory Stick manufactured by