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    Just a few of our friends, who we've found quite interesting;

IndepenDisc & CTLocal.com Artists

Charlie Burton - Southern Fried, All-encompassing Rock.

Jessica's Attic - Future Rock
    (Gothic/Deep Space/Dance/Spoken Word).

Beth Profitt - Country.

Midway - Jangley Rock 'n' Roll.

The Runes - Artistic Rock (not to be confused with Art Rock).

WOW - Pure Power-Pop a la` the British Invasion.

Dan Bacon - "Classic" Guitar Rock.

RAW Kinder - Spacey, trippy, mind expanding, subtle Rock.

the badge - Rock 'n' Roll.

Pawnshop - Pub Rock.

D.J. Lauria Band - Modern Pop with all the hooks.

Black & White - Rhythm and Blues Rock and Roll.

The OutSkirts - Precious, delicate, folk-inspired Rock.

The Cucumbers - Raucous Rock and Roll.

The Dan Emery Mystery Band - Storytelling Alt. Rock with an edge.

Uncle Carl - Jazzy cool mellow Blues.

The Differents - Rock 'n' Roll for the ages.

Red Betty - A slice of Pop Rock Heaven.

Cloud - Spunk Rock from England

The Laryngospasms - Humor, Medical Humor

Frank Critelli - Singer / Songwriter

James Velvet - Rock-n-Roll

Jennifer Parsignault - Modern Day Adult Contemporary

HiFi Automatic - Grandiose Rock

The Trollops - Modern Alt. Punk Pop 

Parker - New "Retro" Wave from Sweden

The Livesays - Asbury Park

The High Lonesome Plains - Alt. Country Rock

The Mocking Birds - Roots Rock

Angelwing - New Age / Classical Space

Wheel Of Doom - Melodic Oriental HardCore

Weapon X - Hard Rock / Metal

The Veil - Ancient Future Rock

John Michael Hersey - Glorious Pop

The Swaggerts - Punkabilly

The Dent - Resurrected Pop

Gravity Jacket - Artistic Rock

Mercuriturn - Acid Rock / emo/ Psychedelic

The Saucers - Funky Groove Rock

the Bon Mots - Cool, Hip, New Wavey, Garage Pop Rock

analog radio - Chewy Bubblegum-esque

Ian Charles - New Traditional

Jellyshirts - Pick and Soar Rock
               (aka The Bret Logan Band)

The Sawtelles - Sparse Indie Rock

The Nortons - Acoustic Rock

The Vivisectors - Surf, from Russia

The Marble Tea - Lo-Fi Narcotic Pop

The Day Traders - True Pop

The Unseen Guest - Mid-Eastern Indian
Folk Jam

Lost Weekend - Acoustic Alt. Rock

Lost Forty Fives - Garage Pop

OHN - Jazz-Fusion / Goth-Funk

Fredalba - Urban Rock

The Mold Monkies - Old School 2nd Wave
English Rock-n-Roll

Brahms' 3rd Racket - Theatric Rock

Pleqq - Electronaprog

Coinslot - Alt. Oi/Punk/Ska Wave

Mambo Sons - Rock-n-Roll

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs - Zydeco

RockDownBaby - Modern Studio/Club Mix Rock

Jamieson Tobey - lo-fi pop emo

Emily Maguire - Electric Acoustic

Wailhounds - Blues based Funk Jam

Other Links of Interest

Cygnus Radio
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"The Signature Station of Independent Music"

Chilen Music

Wolfgangs Vault - Vault Radio
Vault Radio
"Where Live Music Lives"
Live performance music from the massive
audio archives of the legendary concert
Bill Graham - the greatest
performers of the past 40 years performing
at unforgettable venues like the
Fillmore West and Fillmore East.

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FREE Player Plug-in DOWNLOADS!

Zepti.org - web search engine

KwBrowse.com - browse the Keyword Map of www.IndepenDisc.com

FFD Music - Your online resource for Music!  

Home Office Records - Home of The Dan Emery Mystery Band, The Cucumbers,
Pawnshop, and RAW Kinder.

ThinManMusic - Meriden, CT Local label
featuring The Manchurians, Frank Critelli.

Bulldog Records - Featuring Charlie Burton & The Texas Tweleve Steppers, the Lucky Strikes, & the Merchants of Venus.

C&D Records - Home of  D.J. Lauria Band, Black & White, Q, and Smoky Topaz.

The Grape Street Pub - Philadelphia, PA's
Premier Music Club

Horizon Music Group - Where the New Haven scene cuts their discs

Elevator Music - The ground floor of the CT. music scene

Piller Records - LA based indie label, Featuring Fredalba.

Artistopia - The Ultimate Music and
Artist Resource

Digital Music Museum - Portable MP3 Players

Beyond Belief - The Elvis Costello Newsletter/Fanzine.

The Indie Contact Bible - If you want your music heard...

The Meriden Daffodil Festival

ctmusic.com - The Connecticut music scene

Exile On Main St. - Not a Mega-store,
MUSIC store.

Cafe` 9 - "The Musician's Living Room"

Elm City Hot Glass - blown glassworks by our favorite artist Jo-anna Horn.

Onyx Soundlab - Connecticut's premier recording and production studio.

The Space - A Multi-Cultural Arts Venue

The Anti-Emo Empire - WNHU 88.7 FM

Go Kat Go - WNHU 88.7 FM

CDRacks.com - High quality solid oak storage systems for CD's.

Online Express Music - The best of Western NY's "Indie" scene.

www.shoppingtarget.com -
Shopping Directory.

Music Dish - Get the dish on independent music.

aHopelessFailure Music Top Site

All Music Directory.com

Singer Song.com

CTAML - Connecticut Area Music Links

bestmusicbooks.com - Music books on the 'net! 

CCNow - Our Authorized online retailer

Elvis Costello Online - A great starting point for our favorite artist

Black 47 - Our favorite "signed" Indie Band

Ian Hunter - Another favorite.

The New Wave Outpost - A great site devoted to 80s era New Wave

Sutfin Studios - Local CT recording studio

OmOm Music - Italy based Surf label

Silver Kamel Audio - Jamaican "Dub" Reggae via London, circa late 70s

Rickshaw Records - Home of the "Charlie
Does Surf" Clash Tribute

WUSB - 90.1 FM, Stony Brook, LI, NY - Indie friendly college radio

Salvage & Recovery Radio w/ John O.
Monday's 8 to 10 pm EST

musicSUBMIT.com: Music Promotion.
A website and press release submission service for the musician.

Rare Lyrics - ...The #1 Song Lyrics Archive

Humor Resources - directory of Humor related websites.

Aigam Webdirectory - A web directory

A Music Site - A music site

The Daily Cynic - Music News Washington DC

Business-Inc.Net - web directory

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   Thank You.

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