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The Manifesto

"I tell ya Bob, I'm sick of what's on the radio, it's all the same. I love music so much, but I'm tired of what the radio has to offer. I just don't know what to do."

"The next time you're in the record store buy something you never heard before."

"But, what if I don't like it?"

"But, What if you do?"

It's hard to believe that conversation took place in 1977, yet it is still relevant today.

I regard music in the highest order, along side that of love. Without music there is no life. Everyone needs music in order to survive. Try to imagine a day with no music, that includes the singing of the birds, the idle of car engines, the whispering of the breeze, the murmur of far off conversations, the rhythm of your own breathing. All those sounds are in themselves music. Music is all-encompassing of sound. Sound equals music, music equals life.

What of those who can not hear sound? It is known that the deaf (I never claimed to be Politically Correct) can experience sound/music on higher sensual levels than most, thus at times sharing with us, sometimes exceeding, the pleasures we know and derive from it.

Music, like love (therefore the love of music/the music of love) can be the highest emotional level that we achieve. It presents itself in so many forms over the course of a lifetime, how can we not reach out and attempt to hold, feel, live and love it in as many of it's personifications as we can within the course of our own lifetime? There is no limit on how much music/love we can possess, but life tends to limit us to how much time we have to experience/enjoy it.

Since founding IndepenDisc in Sept. of '98 I have once again rediscovered the love of music by breaking away from the established criteria set forth upon us by preprogrammed (to sell advertising) radio. I did it in '77 when I blindly purchased "My Aim Is True" by Elvis Costello. I did it in '91 with "Gish" by Smashing Pumpkins (pre "The") and again in '97 with "Burner" a compilation disc by Home Office Records.

I walked into the record store and bought something I never heard before. It didn't always work, there were Artists/Albums that I didn't like (not to say there was anything wrong with them, if anything they helped to expand my knowledge just as much as the ones I did like), but the Artists/Albums I did like led me to others, that in turn led to changes in my life that still bring smiles to my face.

My passion and love of life through music, is sustained by the rediscovery and rebirth of ideals which are fed by the uncovering of obscure musical gems delivered to my ears by an Artist(s) who knows not of corporate dollars to produce, but only to produce through that of the love of music, the love of life.

These feelings, these emotions that can be brought forth through an Artists musical vision, I have always striven to share with those around me. With the birth of the internet I have been able to realize this calling all the more so, to share this music/love/life with anyone who is willing to listen, with anyone who is willing to walk into the record store and buy something they've never heard before. I created IndepenDisc for anyone/everyone for this reason.

IndepenDisc is the record store that stocks only the music you have never heard before.

"But, what if I don't like it?"

"But, What if you do?"


     If you are a music fan who is fed up with the mediocrity that is the current state of Corporate Rock 'n' Radio. If you have an interest in artistic bands on overlooked Independent labels, but do not have the time to search and find them on your own. Then Sign Up Now to become a member of the IndepenDisc Music Club. It is FREE, and there are NO purchase OBLIGATIONS! Come, Expand your musical horizon...


    Our commitment to our members is that we are your ears. We take the time out of your search for NEW, EXCITING, and WORTHWHILE music. We look for that 'Diamond in the rough' and when we find it, we turn you on to it.


    About once a month, we will (E)Mail our members the *FREE* IndepenDisc Music Club 'Zine. Which will feature Indie music that is available for purchase through the IndepenDisc Music Club ( No Obligations!). Music that the IndepenDisc staff has personally searched out, tracked down, listened to, enjoyed, and feels confident recommending to our members. The IndepenDisc Music Club 'Zine will present at least a Disc a month as our "Feature" selection, which we will preview and review. Also every so often we will "Showcase" an Indie Label and the releases from their catalogue that we feel deserve more recognition.


    The IndepenDisc Music Club recognizes genres of music when attributing influences and basic musical imagery, But we do not hold it as a prerequisite to the types of music we will try to present. Our basic requirement is that it artistically (not bound in any way, shape, or form) moves us. Whether that be directly, or indirectly related to the Rock/Folk/Jazz/Swing/Classical/etc.,etc. styling of the Guitar/Piano/Violin/Drum/Organ/Harp/etc., etc. accompanied by the Heartfelt/Off The Wall/Deep Meaning/Comical/etc., etc. lyrics sung by a Gravely throat/Smoky lounge/Punk scream/etc., etc. Vocalist/Instrumentalist.
(See the Tremens page for more like this).

Membership Benefits

    The IndepenDisc Music Club can not offer it's members, 11 for a penny, nor the Buy 1 get 2 Free type deals that are often associated with record clubs. What we are offering is everything that we have described on the pages of this site with fair and reasonable prices on the CD's that are featured.

    The *FREE* IndepenDisc Music Club 'Zine will be delivered monthly (or so) directly to your PC. Profiling and promoting Independent music created by artists that deserve to be heard. Most of them being passed over by major labels, not for the quality of their art or the passion of their music, but for the more commercially accessible sounds that cater to the background of international sales campaigns.

    Not only do we want the IndepenDisc Music Club to be desirable for Bands and Labels to be represented here, but we want people to enjoy being members. When someone says to you; "Wow, that sounds great! Where did you find it?" We want you to be able to reply; "The IndepenDisc Music Club, of course."

    We want to supply Quality music with Quality service. We will not only go out of our way to search for the Bands, Labels, and Music, but also to satisfy our members.

    We will constantly try to; Offer up package deals, Host contests, Hold promotional give-aways (Free stuff!), and generally have a lot of fun as we attempt to introduce you to a wide variety of new sounds, and perhaps, even expand your musical horizons...

Questions? Comments?

Write to us at; 

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