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Age Of Reason
The 2011 IndepenDisc of the Year !

Total Time: 53:09
Cost: $9.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Frazz - Folk / Rock / Reggae / Jazz

HOME TOWN:  New Haven / Prospect, CT.

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1. I'm Only Alive
2. Penny On The Ground
3. One More Sunrise
4. Can't Take The Heat
5. Right Between The Eyes
6. Don't Hide Your Soul
7. Some Heads Are Flatter (than others)
8. All Come Marchin'
9. Candleflame
10. What's The Matter?
11. Liquid Oak
12. Mom's Apple Pie
13. Somehow, The World Keeps Turning

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Vox Humana &  
Acoustic and Live at Studio 23

Issue #149                                    Aug. '11

An exploration of Origins…

The modern day Age Of Reason relaunched as a duo. Edward Leonard (vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, percussion, and words), and Dave DeVino (bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, orchestration, percussion) 1st released Vox Humana in 2009. It was also arranged, recorded, produced and engineered by them in Dave’s Studio 23. In 2010 they added John Santarsiero (bongos, congas, djembe, cymbals) to the mix, sat down and jammed. Their 2nd release, Acoustic And Live At Studio 23, was the result. It reaffirmed the Shaman-esque fireside lessons in and of humanity which were sung about, foretold, and handed down through generations that was the core of Vox Humana’s appeal. If anything, Age Of Reason’s socially conscious lyrics benefited from the duo/trio loose jam FRAZZ (Folk/Rock/Reggae/Jazz) stylings, as it explored the roots/soul of everything’s origins.

the 3rd Age Of Reason release, celebrates exploring ones roots/soul to further ones humanity. Jeff Kadish (lead guitars, keyboards), from an earlier inception, joined and with some additional keyboards by Art Karpt, Age Of Reason broke out of the coffeehouses and into the arenas/festivals in a big, big way. With this record Age Of Reason highlights the moral fabric of our existence with a social conscious message all the while blowing our mind in epic proportion as in the most time honored days of early arena/festival rock.

I’m Only Alive
establishes the sound as familiar AOR, but when Jeff jumps the organ up we hear an AOR that has fully developed into a premier band that harkens the purity of such Sha-men as Jim Morrison (and The Doors). Followed by the up-tempo Boston style organ intro of Penny On The Ground, with it’s searing, classic, shredding-as-a-refined-art-form, guitar solo message of; “It’s a cool generation/Well, it’s a cruel generation.AOR tries to open our eyes to what surrounds us, what we are in regards to it, and to wake our awareness of understanding. One More Sunrise gives us the same perspective, but through a different sort of view. Gorgeous acoustic work with accompanying keyboards highlight the desire to live while questioning why; “I can’t understand my own apathy / When there’s so much I can do.” With that we’re launched into the Mothership – Pure Funk – Rick James/Bootsy Collins era Parliament/Funkadelic – Hot, Hot, Get Down Hot – Can’t Take The Heat sews it up as Edward lays down a tight, tasty, Bowie style vocal while Jeff’s Prince-like soaring guitar solo combines with a classic Santana/Earth, Wind & Fire rhythmic percussion and backbeat. 4 songs in and AOR is blowing our minds in epic proportions while getting us to explore the roots/soul of everything’s origins, and we love it.

What follows is a complete exercise and display of awesome arena/festival rock a la’ Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young/Santana at Woodstock (Don’t Hide Your Soul, Candleflame) and Van Halen/Black Sabbath/Deep Purple/Rush at any Coliseum (Right Between The Eyes, All Come Marchin’, Mom’s Apple Pie). Mixing songs diverse in music to deliver messages that range from the critique of humanity to the hope and belief in it, from Booty Shakin’ rock (Some Heads Are Flatter [Than Others], What’s The Matter) to a solemn instrumental (Liquid Oak), and the slightly off-kilter, conscious raising album closer (Somehow the World Keeps Turning), AOR reveals and revels in it’s origins, our origins, all origins…

If we are to realize but one thing, it is that nature and music will always persevere in ways that will forever blow our minds, but if we can, as human beings - fragile, and brief in our existence - contribute to the betterment of each (nature, music, humanity) through the exploration, awareness, and understanding of our origins, well then maybe, just maybe, we will be able to persevere long enough to not only pay homage to our origins, but to embrace eternity with a smile.

Explore your origins
Explore all origins
Explore Origins by Age Of Reason.

Origins by Age Of Reason
is available now for: $9.98 + s/h*

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