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Closely Watched Trains
© 2009 Twin Lakes Records
The Frank Critelli Band

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Closely Watched Trains

Total Time: 29:34

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STYLE: Down Home Artistic Alt.

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT

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1. Viva Knieval
2. Night To Shine
3. Hills Climb
4. New Day Rising
5. Frames
6. Time Never Wasted
7. Emerald City
8. Girl Of My Dreams

Issue #127                                        Dec. ‘09

Take a “ride down the other side.”

It starts as a mish-mosh of sounds being compressed and uncompressed on a surreal jaunt presenting an unknown expectation. A door opens, we are invited in, and it closes. We have stepped onto the platform of a down-home jam. Melding numerous types of musical expression and intensity,
Closely Watched Trains offer their feelings from the side rails of the mainstream, so that we may understand what is coming down the tracks…

Started in
New Haven, CT. by Jon Schlesinger (banjo, guitar, lap steel, vocals) and John Gage (drums, vibraphones, marimba, percussion), they invited friends from across the country, via computer, to help them complete the songs they were structuring. When they thought they had finished their work, they recruited local artists John Leonard (bass, vocals) and Taralyn Bulyk (violin) to help them present the songs live. What followed for this new collective was a sort of re-imagining of the songs. The “2-man with help from friends in the studio” band molted into the 4 member Closely Watched Trains.

Like the opening mish-mosh of sounds,
CWT tackles a mish-mosh of genres throughout the album, all with impeccable arrangements. If one things stands out in this cornucopia of musical enlightenment, it’s the arrangements, Arrangements diverse enough to bring to mind such artists as Eels, Dinosaur Jr., Elton John, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and Electric Light Orchestra, to name a few.

To the musical arrangements add song structures and various production techniques (down & dirty, crisp & clean, muddied, distorted, wall-of-sound, to name a few). What we are listening to is a band that has rode the tracks of their musical inspirations and wheel-housed them back out with a flare for catchy rhythms, melodies and hooks that propel us forward for listen upon listen. Figure in smart, interesting, attention catching, and sing-along-able lyrics and
Closely Watched Trains prove themselves a band worthy of attention.

Keep a close watch on these trains as each song chugs along gathering steam on the side rails of the mainstream tracks. Understand what is coming as you “ride down the other side.”

Closely Watched Trains

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