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The Cool Side
© 2007 eric D.

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eric D
The Cool Side

Total Time: 30:57
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STYLE: Guitar Rock

HOME TOWN: Wakarusa, IN

1. Are You Gonna Marry Jane?
2. Better Days
3. The Cool Side
4. For All Times
5. Compose Myself
6. Tied
7. Good Guy...Bad
8. Happy Day

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eric D

Issue #97                                      Jul. '07

Hey you / Get down / on the Cool Side.”

Summer: a time for cruisin’ with the windows down and the stereo up. No need for any quiet, contemplative stuff; give me Guitar! What is summer without Monster guitar riffs? The Who Live at Leeds, any Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC or Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen’s 1st album, Gish by Smashing Pumpkins, and now, The Cool Side by eric D.

Melding dirty, distorted guitar with a punk DIY style assault, eric D gives us a fresh, raw, intoxicating sound that has the finesse of a well-seasoned, veteran Rock band. Using ripping guitars, ultra cool vocals (and Vox F/X), and smartly written, light but meaningful lyrics that’ll have you singing along with every hook, eric D belongs on CBGB’s stage mind-fucking the audience in a drenching guitar attack that would leave the floor sweat-soaked and awash in jaw-dropped beer bottles.

The 1st two tracks, Are You Gonna Marry Jane? and Better Days, blow open the disc with a power guitar straight outta the school of Billy Corgan. They also invoke early Meat Puppets as well as The Replacements, yet all the while they hit us with loud, hard, drenching guitar work (where double tracking the lead and rhythm allows for the interaction and trade off of the leads, which once again mirrors the brilliance of Smashing Pumpkins). Using noticeable, identifying lyrics interplaying with the melody, a la` Talking Heads, and a chord progression that works masterfully, eric D’s accomplished and intricate finesse of the guitars is memorizing.

If the 1st two songs argue for a Punk Metal Rock label, it’s the title track, The Cool Side, using intense Classic riffs to jump out into the forefront, that flips the coin to reveal a “Classic Rock” perfection. Creating an instantly recognizable guitar riff that borders on the Stones classic Brown Sugar, and a bass riff that should go down in scenester lore, this is THE “Song of the Summer of ‘07”. Just dig the intense 13 second lead during the 1st bridge, and tell me the air guitarist won’t be pushing the limits with this one. I could see Prince ripping into this, but eric D rips it up sooooooo bad that I don’t think even Prince would have the intensity needed to pull off such a perfect Rock liturgy of sex in every metaphor out there – “Get Up, Get up, Get Up / get down...eric D Rocks! “Hey you / Get down / on the Cool Side.” If you want cruisin’ in the summer and backseat rhythm, The Cool Side is the place to be.

The albums 3 ballads all slant heavy on the electric guitar, yet are toned down enough to convey eric D’s ability to write in all styles of Guitar rock. For All Times gives a full musical circle with wide open tuning to allow the song to breath life into the affirmation of a wonderful relationship. Tied is where eric D lays it all out there, exposing himself to a point where you realize how Hot The Cool Side really is. Low down Funky, this is New York City funky in Middle America – “…hoo…hoo” - dripping with an infectious style that can not be ignored, nor taken for granted. Happy Day, which ends the album, is a Flower Power anthem that could double as a product jingle, that’s how catchy it is. In fact, the chorus will have you wondering if this was the Beach Boys tune that Brian Wilson might have been hearing just before aborting the “Smile” sessions in ’67 – repeat after me – “Everything’s gonna be OK.”

Mixed in-between those 3 ballads are 2 more in-your-face, punk meets metal, guitar compositions. Compose Myself, with it’s nasty bass and ripping, dirty, Tony Iommi Sabbath-esque, guitar, delivers the classic “2 girlfriends that go to none very quickly” storyline with sing along lyrics accented by a bleed through guitar. But it’s Good Guy…Bad that brings the whole album to a head. Monster Rock with a Shaft Funk, utilizing a ringing, haunting, Fuzz distorted guitar that howls the meanness of the story. Think a “devil-to-pay” Bon Jovi playing a cantina in Hell - it’s a tale of an outlaw turned bounty hunter to redeem his life, but ironically, his redemption must come from killing. Something the high-strung, mid-eastern, guitar tuning/lead represents as a subtle expression of our current state of military presence?

After bomping us over the head with that intense 4 minute presentation of historic biting wit, eric D leaps into the above mentioned closing track Happy Day, and plays the Pied Piper leading us out in a sing-song manner. Repeat after me – “Everything’s gonna be OK.”

Ah Summer, a time for cruisin’, guitar heroes, sing-a-long relationship songs, and being cool.

Hey you / Get down / on the Cool Side.”

   eric D - The Cool Side,
is available now for: $8.49 +s/h*

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