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Sail On Sally
© 2009 Bret Logan

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Sail On Sally

Total Time: 52:52
Cost: $10.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: Pick & Soar Rock

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT


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and Facebook page.

1. Stutta
2. Brando
3. In Between
4. Willow
5. Wren Intro
6. Wren
7. Awake
8. F-You
9. Don't Stop Me Now
10. Riffy
11. Erik
12. Somewhere Where
13. Molly
14. The Bruce
15. Virginia

Check out the Jellyshirts 1st album:
Rays To The Sun on CD
& the 
Outside album
Release on USB FlashDrive format.

Jellyshirts are AKA: The Bret Logan Band.
Check out their CD:
Is It Real?
The 2005 "IndepenDisc of the Year"

Issue #120                                   May '09

Fading in, out of another consciousness, another time, another space, transforming us to a level, nay, multiple levels, where all that has been, is, and shall be, converge to enlighten our souls – Where “Say Hello” and “Don’t be too long” takes on the meaning of a known connection throughout our existence within conscious and unconscious worlds. Jellyshirts live this, and they live to spread the word.

Stutta maps the journey of kindred souls. We meet them as they spend a summer together, knowing it isn’t the first time that they have enjoyed each other in a certain moment in time, and that it won’t be the last. They have had many alternate lives that they have passed through together, and they have manage to find each other’s company for as long as that moment in time has allowed them to. Once they pass through this particular plane of being at this particular point in time – “Sail On Sally” - they know that they will have other opportunities – “Don’t be too long” - in other levels of consciousness, where they can once again say Hello - “Hello, Sally” and all will be right again.

Jellyshirts have a solid cohesiveness in which they operate as one, yet each owns its space while feeding off and passing it along to each other. It’s a spiritual plane on which they exist – They write masterpieces, each within themselves instrumentally, yet so bonded in song structure. While commonly acknowledged by the groups hardcore, loyal and devote followers, the professional playing is a given. Bridging 2 millenniums, lead man Bret Logan (guitars, vocals, keyboards) has partnered with Scott McDonald (drums, vocals) for 20 years on a musical quest, crusade if you may. Nick Appleby (bass, vocals, keyboards) joined the crusade 13 years ago, and Jess Brauner (guitar) was added for the past 8 years to solidify Jellyshirts for the 21st century. But, it is the studio where Sail On Sally emerges as a rival to Pet Sounds and Rubber Soul (borrowing liberally with a kindred soul aspect – Listen to spot the spot-on George Martin production homage’s). What Jellyshirts have done in the studio with their live spontaneous powerful “pick –n –soar” elegance sets a standard of excellence rarely found on an independently self-produced release.

Jellyshirts love to jam and fiddle with “at the moment” improvised sessions that seem to develop out of nowhere (but are actually taking place at many different points) – It also seems as though they have adopted that same approach in the studio as well – And when the tape is rolling, we sometimes get a gem like Wren Intro, a nice off-the-cuff jam that was inspired by the song Wren itself. Almost Mid-Eastern flavored it would nestle in nicely on Zep IV (think: Four Sticks, Going To California). Bret presses Jimmy Page here while McDonald’s finesse and power rival Bonham’s semi-syncopated best and Appleby’s bass is not only solid John Paul Jones but also gives off a heavy John Entwistle vibe. Wren then reaches across time planes and parallel levels to places in which enlightenment is the greater good. Paths cross as if they are meant to. And as with everything that is meant to be, it can and will happen again and again in different time structures, and yeah, it is good.

The Velvet Underground plays a huge roll in the sound structure favored by Jellyshirts. Bret Logan builds his own equipment to create what this reviewer calls their “patented” pick-n-soar sound. The Main “Rig” favored by Bret is his self-designed front-end circuit, comprised of a pre-amp/toner/compressor/limiter/distortion module – which gives him a high-end, highly individual and recognizable tone that he alternately switches to either a fuzzed out distortion or a hyper-compressed feedback washed sound.  This is evident on the songs such as Brando and Erik. Brando pounces with a solid Velvets assault and wall of sonic perfection proclaiming Jellyshirts as the Velvets of our modern era. Erik drives us straight into either heaven or hell to deliver a mystical, musical rendition of a tragic tale of an 10th century Viking.

Jellyshirts also mix in a little Glam, a la Diamond Dog era Bowie and Mott The Hoople, by using a bouncing piano underneath on Don’t Stop Me Now, a song that uses the music to build the courage to meet your dreams head on – to dare the chance – and the music convinces us that the task can be achieved. As the gospel choir rises to the plea of “stop me please, stop me, stop me” we know that he doesn’t stop, and that he indeed experiences his dreams.

Riffy takes the pick-n-soar guitar rock, combines it with a vintage 20’s microphone style vocal and angelic harmonizing to extol the virtue of spontaneous love and the glorious benefits of pursuing a euphoric Shangri-la within ones conscious life efforts. When Jellyshirts hit the soaring vocal homily of “Heaven… Heaven… Heaven… Heaven,” we truly understand that Heaven can be found within a lifetime. That it can be experienced in multiple lifetimes, or whatever it may account for in accordance to your spiritual beliefs, if you allow it to.

Jellyshirts have crafted an album so diverse in it’s spectrum of music and so representative of the artistic merit of the album format – that to experience it, you must be willing to devote the time it takes to find each and every nuance built into each track. Subsequent listens reveal a whole lot more going on here then most 21st century ears are accustomed to. Music is a medium so vastly misunderstood, its existence is more than just sound, it is a gateway through time and dimensions. Witness Awake, a triple-shot, double-espresso run through the mind of one facing the mortality of the loneliness of the moment. It tells us that dreams should be actively sought out and achieved, because after all, isn’t the happiness of any reality just as important as the one you choose to experience it from/in? Jellyshirts choose to experience it and pass it along through music, a medium older than time itself. Prepare to absorb and enjoy this sensation as Jellyshirts present it to us.

It’s seems incomplete of me to not touch base on songs such as In-Between (Multi-tracked vocals, 3-part harmonies, a major Beatles/Beach Boys hybrid), F-You (a rare Cream/Blind Faith ballad), and Willow, Somewhere Where, and Molly (lush, elegant, solidly alluring, part shoe gaze, part The Smiths,  part goth, intense, solid prog, executed perfectly). These songs establish themselves and settle into our sub-conscious in ways that are wonderful to experience.

The Bruce is the perfect closer for an album that has Jellyshirts making a statement of who they are. But in a way we’re not fully ready for what is to be – And as the journey of The Bruce parallels the journey of Jellyshirts, we are effectively swept away…. Taste the drum and bass lines teasing… the guitars dancing in unison as the keyboards ring underneath – Then Bret hits the Fuzz Box – Once the power overload has been reigned by Bret, Scott and Nick are right there to bounce us back into the story. The next thing we know, we are soaring into lands unto before, never experienced in this lifetime. We reach back and see forward, the harmonic accord achieved sends us upon the ultimate journey culminating in a pure emotional bliss – distortion melts into birds chirping and we take the simple pleasures of a life we are currently experiencing and embrace them long enough to look forward to experiencing them again in another place in time.

Sail On Sally transcends the boundaries placed on us within our acknowledged reality. It is a journey that doesn’t necessarily conclude, but does bring us to an enlightenment which began in 1989, continuing with Jellyshirts first release Rays To The Sun in ’95, followed by the shelved “lost” ’98 release Outside. Bridging the century, Outside was re-released in 2007 on a flashdrive format (effectively re-introducing the band to fans that had been in waiting), and now Sail On Sally brings us full circle. From the mechanical re-imagining of the 1st LP’s cover, to the continuity of the established sound, to the driving force behind the ideals, Jellyshirts have not altered their beliefs nor have they swayed from the path. They continue from where they began without ever losing site of their destination. Fading in, out of another consciousness, another time, another space, transforming us to a level, nay, multiple levels, where all that has been, is, and shall be, converge to enlighten our souls.

The album concludes with Virginia, a coda of mourning with a spirit that celebrates death on par with that of celebrating life.

We are home.

Sail On, Sally.

*If you wish to explore Jellyshirts philosophy further a good place to start is the book:
Seth Speaks – The Eternal Validity Of The Soul - by: Jane Roberts.

Sail On Sally by Jellyshirts
available now for $10.98 + s/h*

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