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I'm Batman
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The Marble Tea
I'm Batman

The 2004 IndepenDisc of the Year!

Total Time: 15:20
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The Marble Tea

1. I'm Batman
2. Your Voice Is An Arrow Through My Heart
3. Cricket
4. Why Can't I Say What I Mean?
5. Whenever

STYLE: Lo-Fi Narcotic Pop

HOME TOWN: Currently domiciled in Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Check out The Marble Tea CD:
Fantastic Day
Issue #68                                  Nov. ‘04

My life is measured out in 3 minute pop songs.”

The Marble Tea is digital lo-fi, home recordist Knight Berman Jr., whose love, passion, and knowledge of the pop genre is on display throughout this 5 song EP, plus the additional 5 song EP Hoga-Rama (information on the FREE download page is found within the liner notes of the I’m Batman EP). Knight creates what he calls “Children’s songs for adults,” by styling songs based on the general appeal of rhythms, hooks, and chorus that make them instantly listener friendly. Think back to your introduction to music in general. Whether it was a commercial jingle, a children’s record (Sesame Street), Bubble Gum pop, or the zillions of one hit wonders, they all had one thing in common: the ability to get into your head and have you singing the tunes endlessly. Wherever and whenever, they were addictive.

Well, take that addictive musical style, add off-beat, slightly absurd, true-to-life, heartfelt, subliminal, lyrics that expose the beautiful person within and all the fragilities that accompany the evolution and maturity of life and you have the Narcotic Pop of The Marble Tea.

Side A (I consider this a full LP style album, with the I’m Batman EP being side A, and the Hoga-Rama EP being side B) opens with the title track. “I’m Batman” spells out a simple yet complex tale of the joy of love and the innocence lost when acquiring the physical aspects of its expression. Our protagonist confides in (us and) his object of affection that his mild mannered persona is just a front: “I may seem timid and I may seem shy / But late at night I’m a super guy.” Using a strumming acoustic chord progression and melodic harmonies, the song hooks us in with intrigue and delight. Knight’s slight baritone vocal delivery uses a great combination of note carrying word phrasing and an accessible sing-a-long chorus “A ah, A ah, A I’m Batman,” to underscore the maturity he’s hiding behind while the adolescence in him expresses it the only way he can. The final stanza “There’s no Boy Wonder and there’s no Alfred / So get the comic books and movies out of your head / The world’s full of evil all over the world / Put on this little mask and be my batgirl,” brings it all into focus and as the chorus leads to the fade out we are amazed at what has just occurred. Our maturity has been choreographed to the thoughts, views, and sounds of our adolescence, and it is a revitalizing revelation.

With every word I only love you more.”

And with every word we love The Marble Tea more. That line comes from “Your Voice Is An Arrow Through My Heart,” a song that details a guy who’s in love with a woman who despises him, but it’s not actually the woman he’s in love with, it’s her “lovely lips and tongue / lucky teeth / the way they work together is / amazing,” it is her voice. Using a blend of Bongos, shakers, electric-acoustic guitar, smooth, Donovan-style, harmony vocals, and an electric keyboard tweaked to sound flute-ish, with a solo reminiscent of all those great Greg Hawks’ fills that gave The Cars their full sound, this song just reaffirms that we’re listening to something more profound than what’s on the surface (remember: “A ah, A ah, A I’m Batman”).

The bouncy toy piano intro of “Cricket” sort of prepares us for the muted calliope that once again harkens us back to our childhood, and damn if we’re not riding a Carousel found at one of those old time carnivals that would pass through town every summer. Marry that to a story of a voyeur cricket (Jiminy, is that you?) who offers up escape, redemption, and freedom (“You can go there with me / If you really want to be / free.”), and we have an Eels influenced, mature arrangement that bounces us high in the sky of our imagination.

Why Can’t I Say What I Mean” brings us back to earth and shifts down a notch with a Buffalo Springfield/Summer of Love/Grateful Dead Festival, full sound delivering a tale of contemplation. “And, if no one listens to me / have I anything to say?” A drum machine adds warmth while a slow organ lead creeps out of the background and into our subconscious until we are totally sucked in.

Side A, and the I’m Batman EP, finishes up with “Whenever,” a song that finds joy in the simple love of nature. A healing bass with bottom notes pickin’ and jammin’ accentuates the message that all those sing-a-longs and music teaching aides worked. Highlighted by expressing “Whenever I feel sick and I want to get out / I just splash in the bath tub / as if there’s a doubt / you could be / too unhappy / naked and wet / with a small rubber duck floating by.” The Marble Tea makes us understand that Burt and Ernie were right.

Once you’ve discovered the Secret Identity of I’m Batman and The Marble Tea, we guarantee that you’ll want to continue the exploration of this new, mature sound of the adolescent past. To do so you’ll need to download Side B, the Hoga-Rama EP (the special download page URL is contained in the liner notes of I’m Batman) where you’ll find the song “Banana Cat,” a new romantic’s era electro-pop drug that sees the inner beauty of the unnoticeable and contains the following metaphor of a perfect life and its fulfillment from an early age: “I fell right out of a tree that could talk / pulled at the roots to see if it could walk / Quick disappointment / turned to security / When the tree said to me / I won’t go anywhere / It’s a giving tree.” Philosophically speaking, that is the manchild behind the mask.

I’ve got a secret to tell
I only say this ‘cause I know you well

I’m Batman dons the mask of our youthful fantasies, yet behind it exposes the secrets of our grown-up thoughts, needs, fears, weaknesses, and even primal adolescence through the addictive bliss of catchy pop.

The Marble Tea is Narcotic Pop for the youthful soul of maturity.

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