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Love & Sex & Rock & Roll

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Love & Sex & Rock & Roll

Total Time: 21:47
Cost: $6.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Modern Studio/Club Mix Rock

1. Test Drive
2. TV Dog
3. Baby Baby
4. I Am Your RockDownBaby
5. Soul Connection
6. Spy On You
7. I Feel My Sex

HOME TOWN: New Jersey

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Issue #86                                               Jun. ‘06

RockDownBaby evolved from one woman in the studio for an afternoon of experimental fun into a musical force too hot to stop. Subsequent studio time finally gave forth Love & Sex & Rock & Roll. Containing every influence RockDownBaby has held dear to her heart since music found its way into her blood stream, this CD gains its love from Mid 60s soul and funk, its sex from vocals too enticing to turn away from, its rock from the late 70s New Wave/early electronica movement, and its roll from the mid 70s disco dance tracks. Throw in a hefty dose of garage rock, a dash of Phil Spector girl groups, and a slice of CBGBs, and then just maybe you might understand, but you don’t need to understand it to get it, just continue listening and your body and soul will take control.

Opening with a rockin’ beat, an ultra New Wavy distorted guitar, and a Talking Heads African style rhythm funk, Test Drive beckons us to “Take me for a test drive…I’m your kind of ride.” RockDownBaby’s vocals draw us in to the disjointed, but beautiful dance-silly beat to which we can’t say no. It’s our kind of ride all right. We are hooked, bring it on, the libido is intrigued with this groovin’ dance floor rock.

TV Dog brings Devo back with a vengeance - inviting a Kate Bush/Lene Lovich aire, it transcends early techno by going ultra-retro, causing us to re-fall in love with that scene. It’s the B-52’s meet Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army. Baby, Baby (I’m Wondering) slows it down with a sultry flame smoking up the get down mid 70’s funk. It’s like Blondie forced through a Supremes record at ½ speed, and making Prince oogle. This time it’s RockDownBaby’s sexually magnetic vocals that steal the show from the techno beat bliss as we shuffle our feet to this subtle hot overture of lust.

But when RockDownBaby’s theme song, I Am Your RockDownBaby, bursts forth from the middle of this disc, watch out, because it blows away every real disco riff that was worth it’s weight in funk gold – before corporate meddling created disco as a marketable commodity – before respectable funk was watered down and sold to the masses – before good funk/disco artists were swallowed whole by every one-off, wannabe, has-been the record labels could sign, throw in the studio, and squeeze just enough life out of them to turn a profit – quality of the music be damned, we can sell this – I Am Your RockDownBaby has already taken it’s place along side of The Commodores Brick House as one of this reviewer’s favorite Ultimate Disco tunes, and that comes from someone who hates disco with a passion, but can and will recognize and enjoy a damn fine piece of musical bliss. OK, OK, OK.

Riding atop this mesh of uncontrollable musical synthesis is the root of RockDownBaby, taken straight from the title and every generation who has proclaimed Rock & Roll as their savior. It’s the Sex of the Love & Sex that gives Love & Sex & Rock & Roll its purity. Whether it’s the beboppin sex of Soul Connection’s homage to true love, “I’m not jealous of any other girls / Because they ain’t got what I’ve got…no,” or the Peter Gunn inspired film noir style backbeat and soundscapes of Spy On You that brings out the Bad/Good Girl in all of us, it is the innuendo dripping so deep within the F/X board work that boggles the mind (hard to remember this is one woman behind the boards, hell, behind everything here), as it slides into your head and doesn’t let up until…

I Feel My Sex. Here RockDownBaby takes what Berlin did with Sex (I’m A…) and does it even better 25 years later. Yes, Love & Sex & Rock & Roll. Say it loud, say it proud. RockDownBaby blows the doors off music in the 21st century. Using her vocals in a puerile style too intense to ignore, RockDownBaby’s manifestation of the innocence lost and the paradise found within the Shangri-la of the studio and the manipulation of multiple musical genres of the past 3 decades sets a new standard for many to contemplate while those in the know realize that the king is dead…

Long live the Queen.

All hail Queen RockDownBaby.


Love & Sex & Rock & Roll by RockDownBaby
is available now for: $6.98 +s/h*

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