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Outer Realms (of Inner Space)
© 2009 Wailhounds

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Outer Realms (of Inner Space)

Total Time: 64:54
Cost: $11.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Blues based Funk Jam

HOME TOWN: Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Wailhounds

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WEB SITE and Facebook page.

Side A:
1. Phun
2. Tripped Out Day
3. Rickety Ol' Ford
4. Doheney
5. Nobody Cares
6. Buzz Kill
7. C6

Side B:
1. InDOCtrination
2. Smokin' B
3. Wail Run
4. Alienated
5. War Eagle
6. Few Years And Runnin'

Check out the Wailhounds CD:
Psychedelic Groovy...
Issue #122                                     Jul. ‘09

The Wailhounds, of Fort Wayne, Indiana have created the soundtrack to the Outer Realms (of Inner Space). They are the quintessence of the party band that resides in the Outer Realms of OUR Inner Space. If you traverse the music from all the realms of your inner space, of all those different dimensions you allow yourself to navigate, you will discover that the Outer Realms are the party spots, where the Wailhounds are your favorite band.

Wailhounds are my favorite Southern Rock Band. The Wailhounds are my favorite Jam Band. The Wailhounds are my favorite Psychedelic, Funk, Hip Hop, Alt., Alt Country, All-around Gitdown-Party Band. The Wailhounds take the culture of stoner, hippie-rock to levels reached for, but not actually attained by, all the legends – The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Santana, Phish, The Dave Matthews Band, and scores of other Festival worthy artists with loyal, rabid, devout followings. What sets the Wailhounds apart from each and every one of those legends (and many more not named) is their deft study of each (and more) and the way they present each style in a professional manner plus cover each genre across-the-board, without missing a beat. What boggles the mind is: With this type of accredited experience in this cultural field, why are they still sitting undiscovered in Ft. Wayne, Indiana?

Outer Realms (of Inner Space)
could pass for the Wailhounds 2001 release Psychedelic Groovy…, to which this reviewer gave high accolades and called “an electronic future groove [that]  invites us into space and drops us in the South.” Where Psychedelic Groovy… laid out the outline for Outer Realms, Outer Realms takes Psychedelic Groovy… to the next level. It’s like over the course of 8 years, the Wailhounds took everything from Psychedelic Groovy… studied it (and the Wailhounds make for a good study, whether it’s David Gilmore’s lead guitar within Pink Floyd’s space-out [Few Years and Runnin' ], Bach’s Toccata and Fugue style organ [Cadenza in D Minor], or The Allman Bros. whole band jammin’ [Doheney] and others), and Mastered it. Next they went into the studio and did it right.

InDOCtrination opens Side B – that’s right, didn’t I mention that the Wailhounds were a good study? They considered all this sound that they were creating and recreating and they realized it belongs in album format – InDOCtrination opens Side B and we feel (and know) it should have been the album’s opening track, but the Wailhounds love goofing around too. Sounding like the opening of The Tonight Show, as reproduced for an amazing Las Vegas appearance, we hear the announcer introducing the Wailhounds with this perfect description:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rockers and Rollers, it is my proud pleasure to introduce to you, Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Masters of Psychedelic Rock, Rhythm, Blues, and I’ve-Been-Down-So-Long Funkafied Soul. The band guaranteed to make you rebound, give it up for – the Wail-Hounds!

Right on. From there we’re launched into Smokin’ B – This is the Wailhounds laying it down HOT & HEAVY – Thanks to the horns. Guest artists Brian Osborn (trumpet) and Matt Cashdollar (Sax) serve to funk-a-fy this “Got To Groove” –fest, while M.Scott Wasvick wails a vocal that is James Brown style soul-groove (Almost – we’re not giving away the Godfather of Soul’s soul-groove just yet) and has us looking for the cape. Not to be missed.

That said, it’s hard to realize this is the middle of the disc after journeying through your Inner Space on the intense groove of Side A, which included the acid-dropped Tripped Out Day (“I was tweaking my melon / When I flipped my mind”), the Down-Home-Southern-Boys out for a Party in their Rickety Ol’ Ford (which actually is a homage to the truck the Wailhounds use to get to and from gigs and the party vehicle that it really is), and C to the sixth power, where they turn percussionist Chris Carmichael loose. The Wailhounds also slide effortlessly from the socially conscious lyrics of Nobody Cares, which is an Allman Bros./Grateful Dead/Credence Clearwater Revival/Santana hybrid, to a Frank Zappa meets The Beastie Boys silly tale of getting high, hitting the clubs, and getting all fucked up (Buzz Kill, in which you must dig the profound scratching). This seamless transitioning exemplifies not only their diversity, but also the accomplished nature of this outfit.

Of course, the Outer Realm of Side B continues after
Smokin’ B in exactly the same way Side A plays out. There’s the tweaked-out, swamp, psychProg Traffic groove of Wailrun, including an impressive flute performance by guest Quincy Sanders. Alienated is a Crazy Horse inspired, heavy-duty, epic southern classic hoedown jamfest. The instrumental War Eagle manages to make a huge political statement, while blending Little Feat, Sea Level, and Traffic for a Funky, Jazzy, Alt. Country groove. Everything wraps with the 11-minute plus opus, Few Years and Runnin’,  which only needs an inflated pig overhead and a few lasers to complete the perfection with which the Wailhounds channel Pink Floyd.

All of which makes the
Wailhounds our favorite party band. I mean, after all, who else would you expect to be playing the:

Outer Realms (of Inner Space)


Of course.

Outer Realms (of Inner Space) by the Wailhounds
Now available for: $11.98 +s/h*

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