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Love and Advertising
© 1998 Dan Emery

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The Dan Emery Mystery Band
Love and Advertising

Total Time: 47:26
Cost: $8.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: Storytelling Alt. Rock with an edge

HOME TOWN: Brooklyn, NY

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  Dan Emery

1. The Only One Who Loves You
2. Her Favorite Bra
3. It's Not Enough To Be In Love
4. Space Renegade
5. Winning
6. The Girl In The Laundromat
7. Other People's Tongues
8. Student Loan
9. (One Good Reason To) Shake Your Booty
10. I Just Want To Live
11. Don't Let Me Die Tonight
12. Alone On The Moon

This disc includes; Other People's Tongues,
as heard in
Moral Orel on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.

Supplemental Issue                  Dec. '99

Advertising: The art of manipulating the media to create consumerism.

It is no mistake that this month's Feature Artist; The Dan Emery Mystery Band, titled their CD Love and Advertising. And, it was no mistake that they chose The Only One Who Loves You as the leadoff track. A searing indictment of the rampant commercialism on which this world of ours survives. It is meant to open our eyes as it is pulling the wool over them, to pokes us as it prods us. The Mystery Band lays down a taught rhythm line that bubbles along just under the surface as Dan Emery tells us - "There's a lazy person in a brand new pair of Nike sneakers." and "An unimaginative person trying to be an artist with the help of a Kodak camera." He reaches our sympathy with his earnestness and we understand our common bond with these people. At one time or another we all have been duped by an advertiser into thinking the manufacturers care so much about us that they have created a product to make our lives better. Then, to show us he knows of what he speaks, Dan hits us with his tag line (slogan - if you will) as the Mystery Band explodes with a ferociousness to confirm their conviction; "I...AM...THE...only one who loves you/ I...AM...THE...only one who cares for you/ I'm the only one who really cares for you," leaving us to wonder how firmly the tongue is implanted in cheek and whether or not the joke is on us. We find out soon enough - After running down all the bargains at the Tower Outlet Record Store, Dan doubles back on his lyrical references mixing and matching scenarios he's already created to show the lunacy involved with any given sales pitch, then drives it straight through our heart when he takes the line from the first stanza: "And a depressed person trying to cheer up checking out a Disney movie," and later in the song personalizes it by telling us: "The first person you ever made love to is checking out a video from Blockbuster." Love and Advertising, they make for strange bedfellows.

With the Advertising out of the way the disc continues, centered around 4 songs of love. These showcase Dan Emery as a master storyteller as well as a hopeless romantic.

Track #2, Her Favorite Bra is a beautiful story of a man who loses his girlfriend because instead of supporting her through the hard times of her life, like her favorite bra ("Everybody needs some kind of a bra to support them in what they're going through") he sits and writes songs about wanting to support her ("I wanna be a firm strong bra for the times in your life when you need a firm strong something that you can depend on") which in the end is not enough.

Leading to Track #3 It's Not Enough To Be In Love which opens with the hyper strumming of an acoustic guitar that is joined by a bouncing piano. As the two instruments begin a dance of mutual understanding, they also keep to themselves as they display an agenda of their own intentions. The musical choreography is a delight as the story unfolds about a man who is hopelessly in love with a woman that in turn, loves him as well, but can not return the feelings on the same level. Never have I heard two instruments convey the emotional turmoil of a relationship as perfectly as this.

Jumping ahead to track #6 The Girl In The Laundromat is a Rock Anthem that weaves an extraordinary tale of longing and desperation in which the (hopeless romantic) narrator (of all these songs) finally does get the girl, but is still left lamenting his disappointment because it didn't happen in the way that he had envisioned.

The rest of the disc is filled with equally compelling yarns of personal goals and commitments- Winning, I Just Want To Live, Self-explanatory titles- Other People's Tongues, Student Loan, (One Good Reason To)Shake Your Booty (a song about the dance floor mating ritual) and stomach aches- Don't Let Me Die Tonight the latter, a delta blues style swamp rocker set in the heart/heat of NYC that transcends the plot so perfectly you can almost feel the pain.

The final love song Alone On The Moon closes the disc with a soliloquy of a sad, failed romance set to a heartfelt sparse acoustic arrangement. As the final piano note lingers and fades until we hear the door close, we realize that above everything else the Mystery Band - Dan Emery- guitar, vocals, Steve Espinola- piano, shortwave radio (yes, you read that right- shortwave radio- once you hear it [it ROCKS!] you'll wonder why it isn't a standard instrument), Jeff Morris- bass, & Andy Morris- drums, create musical landscapes so vivid that as Dan's parables unfold, we the listeners can not help but to become part of the stories. This has to be one of the reasons that 119 fans of The Dan Emery Mystery Band helped to finance the manufacturing of the Love and Advertising disc.

119 fans can't be wrong! Pick up your copy of
Love and Advertising by The Dan Emery Mystery Band
now for the low, low price of
: $8.98 +s/h*

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