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Maurice Narcisse
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Maurice Narcisse

Total Time: 27:17
Cost: $7.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: Monster Rock

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT


1. Dirty Hands
2. Maurice Narcisse
3. Oh Lord!
4. Honor Killer
5. Awake
6. Bone Density
7. Texas Stampede
8. Wake Up
9. Canyon
10. Hollow Cave

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Issue #145                                   May '11

The power-trio. It’s a difficult format to undertake let alone master. Each of the three musicians must be able to pair off as well as break free, yet stay united as one. Since Cream first broke the power-trio format in the 60s many bands have come and gone, trying to live, but mostly dying, behind an art form much more problematical than would seem from the outside looking in. This month we bring you 2 power-trios that have each mastered the format in their own individual ways. The Ivory Bills and Eula are both power-trios out of New Haven, CT and while their existence parallels each other, that’s about where the similarities end. So tell me, how do you like your power-trio?

Crunchy, Edgy, Medieval, Mythical, NuWave, and Monstrous are just a few ways to describe Eula’s 4th release. After 3 EPs, Maurice Narcisse is this power-trio’s 1st full-length and best to date. Showing their chops and maturity, Alyse Lamb (guitar, vocals), Nathan Rose (drums), and Jeff Maleri (bass) have taken everything learned on the road and in the studio and delivered the best modern day representation of not only a power-trio, but of power-youth rock.

Evident in the opener, Dirty Hands, as well as the Title track, Maurice Narcisse, Honor Killer, and Texas Stampede, is Eula’s affection for the sounds of the far left 80s. Exploding with monster drums, bass, shredding guitar, and Alyse’s hardcore-twee, shrill-like, provocative vocals, we can hear Joy Division fuzztone style meltdowns, the pop(ing) of X, the syncopation of Devo, and even hardcore Japanese underground.

So as not to become a dinosaur of their punk leanings, Eula then takes their core power-trio into the studio and with the help of Bill Readey and Matt Thomas (of MT Bearington) recorded and produced several instant classics. By adding keyboards/synths, and another guitar, Eula takes the power-trio concept into the 21st century while borrowing again from the 80s to become this era’s rock pioneers. Oh Lord! is psycho-surf, quasi-electronic, garage, art-house rock restrained by Eula’s standards, yet intensified by Eula’s standards. It’s a mind warp that is sustained on Awake, a dreamy Portishead boundary lined production complete with double-tracked vocals illuminating Eula’s mastery of the studio within their vision and range. Bone Density continues the intense soundscape fused with an early 70s funk element similar to how Gang Of Four, Public Image Ltd. and The Psychedelic Furs would present in their glory daze.

Showing an even deeper appreciation for the 80s, Wake Up conjures the ghosts of The Sugarcubes, Gary Numan, and even The Flying Lizards, while tempering it with the street sensibilities of The Shirts as it develops into an a cappella call and response complete with handclaps and a confused ending. The only way to describe Canyon is to picture Split Enz playing a Goth theme song penned by Angelo Badalamenti on toy piano and tape loops – the perfect closing to an inspired progression of past to present sound built around and anchored by a masterful power-trio. But no…

What would a Eula record be without Alyse strapping on the acoustic and stripping the shrill out of her vocals to deliver a heartfelt tender ballad? After bludgeoning us with monster rhythms, assaulting us with shredding riffs, dazing us with studio wizardry and dosing us with funky electronics, Eula slays us with Hollow Cave, a straightedge to the heart.

So tell me, how do you like your power-trio?

Maurice Narcisse by Eula
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