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Green & Silver
© 2011 annabella

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Green & Silver

Total Time: 36:08
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STYLE: Mod Folk / Chamber Pop

HOME TOWN: Georgetown, TX.


1. come around
2. gold miner's creek
3. holiday
4. just like it always was
5. again comes monday
6. green and silver
7. city signs
8. sea stars
9. faders
10. soft lights

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Issue #154                                     Dec. ‘11

I’ve taken to calling Tim & Terri Dittmar, the heart and soul of annabella; Mod Folk. While the classification defines a sub-genre, I fully mean the double entendre that they themselves are Mod Folk.

Green & Silver
, their 3rd release, is a beautiful, gorgeous testament to a life growth that allows for an experienced, distinguished, and graceful aging.  And age/grow, they have, embracing what brought them here. Everything they learned from their beginnings is present and expanded upon. 2005’s sparse, harrowing Songs of Goodbye, which featured mostly the husband & wife duo and 2008’s Say Goodnight where they welcomed more friends/musicians to sit in and participate in a vision that quite perfectly aligns with Joni Mitchell in that the emotional connection of the words, voice and musical arrangements are an accomplishment that is delightful in its execution.

Adding guitarist Andy Bracht as the 3rd member, as well as sprinkling in Joshua Zarbo on bass, Evan Kasper on pedal steel and a few cello, violin, and viola players to that of veteran keyboardist Meason Whiley, makes the growth of Tim’s drums and guitar, and Terri’s vocals, fender rhodes, and flute as distinguished and graceful as the legends of modern folk (in which I’m pointing to the mid 60s to early 70s era). The success of modern folk (and
annabella) comes from exploring the area that all music compositions aspire to: the perfect complexity that speaks between the lines, in-between the notes where we are taken into its spell. Captivating - where the words must be heard, the tale appreciated…

Tim and Terri have constructed a unique tale of exploration, a tale of feelings built around Terri’s vocals, which on another level can be described as a blend of Neko Case, Cat Power, and Beth Orton poured out of a young Linda Ronstadt – but a few pitches higher. The additional musicians allow the now trio
annabella to move more toward chamber pop to fully compliment Terri’s Motown-Torch approach.

Come Around
opens the album with an overwrought, earthy funk that goes big with strings which help to deliver the soul-sister vocals that carry us through a film noir, B&W presentation of heartbreak. The mic-ing of Terri’s vocals in Just Like It Always Was is an incredible extension of emotional ache after the feel-good double harmonies of Holiday – a (dis)joyful celebration of time traditionally set aside for love and oneself – “I don’t know what I thought I was thinking/Oh, I need a holiday/Some time away/Oh, I need to sit in the sun/And find my (holiday) peace of mind,” - and the much appreciated (sit-in the) sunny, carefree afternoon by Gold Miner’s Creek, where Terri’s Joni Mitchell tempered Janis Joplin vocals are poured over a luscious, grand and glorious string arrangement to match the feelings of the green grass and silver clouded fresh air.

Thus setting up the pivotal
Again Comes Monday, a Wilco meets Motown within an amazing mix, which gives us the Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” without the wall, allowing the focus to once again fall on Terri’s heavenly vocals. These songs are fleshed out to perfection, and the subtle Fleetwood Mac/Christie McVie, movie-style dream sequence of the title track, Green and Silver, acknowledges annabella’s distinguished growth (“Change must’ve happened”), and solidifies their graceful aging (“It’s the changing of time”).

We are then carried leisurely over the bridge from Green to Silver with a country ballad of slowed down Motown (City Signs), a Talking Heads style warped crawl (
Sea Stars), and a bare-bones treatment (Faders), all showcasing Terri’s unbelievably gorgeous vocal work, which has shifted the heartache to heartfelt graciousness. From the opening track’s “I won’t come around/cause you let me down,” to the lp’s closing track, Soft Lights

I can just tell with you

soft light in the winter
we"ll build a fire and build til the fire makes us warm

From the greenness of
annabella’s Mod Folk,
comes the silverness of
annabella’s Chamber Pop.
Tim & Terri Dittmar, mod folk indeed.

annabella - Green & Silver
is available now for:
$9.98 + s/h*

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