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Wings of Gold
© 2012 Forbidden Room Music

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Wings of Gold

Total Time: 49:10
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STYLE: Ethereal Rock

HOME TOWN: Meriden, CT.

1. Opening Prayer
2. A Ghost Staring
3. Wings of Gold
4. Be Still the Blackness
5. Sable Sky
6. Vacancy
7. About the Angel
8. Fruit Trees
9. Wings (Reprise)
10. The Witch
11. Stairs to Freedom

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Issue 158                                      May '12

The liner notes in Wings of Gold begin with an excerpt of a short story by Lou Lorenzo, establishing the concept of multi-dimensional worlds co-existing and interacting as one, instead of relegating it to the cold black and white stance of fact or fiction. By exploring the fairy tales, folklore, mythology, and spirituality of man, Farewood allows us to discover how much truth lies in the legends that have been traditionally told and retold through the ages. Love, life’s lessons, and the morality of man have never been, nor shall ever be, one dimensional.

Meriden, CT’s Farewood is the husband and wife team of Leah Booker Lorenzo (Vocals, bass) and Lou Lorenzo (Vocals, guitar), who, along with Kyle McCarthy (drums), have been exploring musical dimensions for over a dozen years now. Wings of Gold, their 4th album, adds Ed Diaz (Guitar) to the multi-dimensional fold.

opens the album with the innocence of a child’s prayer, and then tackles the bold territory of ethereal rock with a mature, otherworldly, surreal sound. A Ghost Staring, prepares us for the musical journey we are about to embark on; it relates the gift to see, hear, and identify this world through the souls that have already done so. It affirms that we are being guided by those who know how to craft the music; thus, it carries out this missive perfectly.

We not only have tales of ghosts which we can identify with, but also of Angels - of a fall shroud in controversy and conspiracy in attempt to derail the true message of the loss of Love and Truth. About the Angel is a soaring, beautiful, guitar-drenched composition that sounds like Tangerine Dream re-visualized by Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Smiths, and Joy Division.

Continuing our re-education of mortal morality, The Witch tells a tale we all know, yet few ever recognize. It is the classic, epic story of trading one’s soul for fame and fortune, without ever taking into account that the soul could be part of someone else or the ramifications that material greed can have upon love. The complex, lo-fi, distortion-heavy, shoe-gazey guitar effects conjure images of an enchanted forest after nuclear destruction and allow us to realize that even self-sacrifice has far-reaching consequences of which we should always be aware.

Woven into these multi-dimensional life lessons of morality is Farewood’s reassurance that while we may feel like we suffer and sacrifice in this life, if we allow the love, light, and knowledge of other lives (past, present, and future) to influence, develop, and shine through us, we can experience an existence beyond the imposed boundaries of this world and truly embrace the essence of our spiritual love.

, with Lou and Leah’s dual harmony and Neil Young/Crazy Horse/Pink Floyd/Radiohead guitar soaring into the stratosphere, delivers a spellbinding love ballad that reflects what could lead up to, or be the result of, Fruit Trees - in which Leah’s Bjork/Kate Bush style vocals present a lullaby reassuring a child of its mother’s unconditional love, while also doubling as an ode to her lover. She is humbled by the love that has allowed her to hold both of them inside her. Using just keyboards and guitars, Lou conveys the otherworldly, spiritual involvement of love, both given and received, to and from each, in the creation of another.

Creating an ethereal form of love that is just as tangible in spirit as it is in life, is what resonates and propels Farewood to breathe life into and throughout their music. Using a variety of distortion pedals for manic, dirty/fuzzy tones, along with deft finesse in the loose, laid-back, beautiful, yet brutal guitar playing, both Lou and Ed spew 90’s Alt/grunge (Be Still The Blackness) and channel monster U2/REM style themes (Sable Sky, Wings [Reprise]). Meanwhile, Leah and Kyle’s knowledge of each other’s rhythmic moves (Wings of Gold) provides the synchronicity of this multi-dimensional presentation.

They close the album with Stairs to Freedom, a jangle-distort-pop song of hope beyond life, if we just open our ears and eyes to every possibility that has been presented to us throughout time and beyond. Sounding like The Sundays chopped up a Blondie song and put the pieces back together, it’s an ethereal, out-of-body experience that affirms and embraces that love, life’s lessons, and the morality of man, have never been, nor shall ever be, one dimensional.

Farewood - Wings of Gold
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