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Fill Your Heart
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Fill Your Heart  EP

Total Time: 13:46
Cost: $3.98 + s/h*

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1. Fight Riff
2. A Hold
3. Rosie
4. I Could Cry
5. Bee Song


HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT

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Issue 102                                    Feb. '07

I’ve been listening to music a long time, but in ’76 –’77 my senses were awakened to the artistry behind the artistry of creating a song through the mastery of instruments and the studio. Rock-n-Roll was born of rebellion in the 50’s; it had an attitude and aura, two attributes which would eventually fade into the background and allow the talented to create even more – Bigger, better. As Rock-n-Roll grew, so did its primary audience. As Rock-n-Roll refined, aged, and became more professional, so did its audience. What was once rebellion and proletarian art became a culture statement and so did its audience. Eventually the commercialization of that culture statement, of Rock-n-Roll and its audience, simultaneously signaled the death of the rebellion of the youth. But it was that youth that suffered the death, so it was time for Rock-n-Roll to be reborn among the young again.

Although the cycle can be adjusted to individual perspective, I discount the British Invasion & Garage Rock of the 60’s as a direct result/off-shoot of the 50’s. To me the Punk/New Wave movement of ’76 – ’80 was the first major upheaval. That’s when I discovered that the rebellion of youth expressed through Rock-n-Roll in all its ragged glory is an artistry to be savored. I began to search out not those who major record labels were bringing into studios and spending big dollars on to produce some of the slickest Rock-n-Roll to date; instead, I searched out the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) bands. Granted, in a time without the internet it was a hard process, but having a local record store that would import singles from England that the band (or some indie label) had recorded, produced, and actually made and distributed themselves – along with local and regional acts as well – well, that was where the bliss was.

It’s been many years since I was able to crawl into the attitude and rebellion of Rock-n-Roll as a youth. But I still recognize, appreciate, and totally get into it when a band comes along and allows me to find my fountain of youth through their complete artistry of the genre. Rock-n-Roll belongs to youth, Rock-n-Roll is defined in its art by youth, and as long as there is youth who want to express themselves through Rock-n-Roll as an art form, the world will be better for it.

Eula is youth, Eula is attitude, Eula is art, Eula is D.I.Y., Eula is Rock-n-Roll, Eula is rebellion.

Fill Your Heart is a 5 song EP that has completely captured youth and Rock-n-Roll. Owing a ton to the Punk/New Wave movement of the late 70’s (as opposed to the grunge movement of the early 90’s – though grunge is certainly represented throughout – just more in a backseat roll to Punk/New Wave), Fight Riff and Rosie are the show-stopping manic dance floor/mosh pit, backbeat-heavy, distortion-pounders (think Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth and The Breeders) that make you want to tear down everything – and isn’t that what youthful rebellion embraces? A Hold and I Could Cry mix a bit of maturity and refinement a la` Romeo Void’s sound and Bettie Serveert’s Carol van Dijk’s vocals (not to mention Patti Smith as well). Who says you can’t be talented and historically well-versed in the artistry of all of Rock-n-Roll’s youth’s past?

Eula one-ups its own youth with Bee Song. An acoustic romp that you can whistle along to, it smacks us upside the head more so than the hook-filled, fuzz-toned, distortion drenched, death-emo opener, Fight Riff. Totally out of context, Bee Song blends perfectly with the other 4 songs to show it belongs. While the musical departure is so evident, Eula pulls if off with a natural talent that fits right across the board. And that is the X-Factor here: Alyse Lamb (guitar, vocals), Nate Rose (drums), and Jeff Maleri (bass) ace all the chops that should have them content to head into the studio and create the slick Rock-n-Roll that the majors love to spend money on (hoping to get the audience to spend their money on). Instead, as Eula, they are focused on an attitude, a rebellion; they are D.I.Y. and they are locked into the youthful artistry of Rock-n-Roll. Crawl in, let your senses awaken, and listen to what it’s all about.

Youth? Check.
Attitude? Check.
Rebellion? Check.
Rock-n-Roll? Check.
D.I.Y.? Check.
Art? Check.
Eula. Check.

Fill Your Heart

Fill Your Heart by Eula
is available now for: $3.98 + s/h*

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