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A Real Nice Parade
© 2012 Hannah Cranna Music

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Hannah Cranna
A Real Nice Parade

Total Time: 43:105
Cost: $9.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Jangle Pop/Alt. Country

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT

1. Hello
2. Are You Going Home, Polly?
3. Paul McCartney and Wings
4. Get Close
5. Enough
6. Take This Darkness
7. Something Left Behind
8. Halcyon Days
9. Coming Untrue
10. Toeing The Line
11. Heroine In Ohio
12. Money/Flying (with special guest Joey Molland)

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Issue #155                                     Jan. '12

It’s a new year.
From the ashes of the old, rise the hopes of the new. Years have a way of maturing past their time, and when looked back upon it’s easy to understand why we’d like to replicate most of them to a certain degree. Many of us, who look forward to what the new year(s) has to offer, also revel in those past years that made it possible.
Hannah Cranna knows it’s a new year, they also know how they arrived here, the maturing of the old years raises hope of the new, but first they will revel in a presentation of A Real Nice Parade.

It’s a new year.

A Real Nice Parade
marches the specter that is Hannah Crannna in front of us so that we may enjoy, understand and revel in their past and future glory. Two brilliantly received albums, one Power-pop and one Americana were released in the late 90s. The band then morphed into The Naomi Star with a bit of a line up shuffle, and after 3 successful releases, morphed back into a reformed Hannah Cranna – and from the ashes of the old…

It’s a new year.

Hannah Cranna’s A Real Nice Parade
starts off with homage to The Beatles – 4 good, solid, jangle, “I Love You,” Beatles pop songs tear it up. In the opening Hello, (with nods to Tom Petty) – (try not to sing along), it’s Girls, Girls, I-Love-You Girls the way the Beatles loved them. Are You Going Home, Polly? echoes the same country/Americana the early Beatles were so accustom to when they did covers like “Mr. Moonlight,” “Devil In Her Heart,” and “Words of Love” – Can you say Buddy Holly? Paul McCartney & Wings flaunts, and rightfully so, the bands ability to write a silly love song that stands beside those of Sir Paul. Finally, bringing up this section of the Parade is Get Close which, following the path of the Beatles to Wings, now ushers forth John Lennon, and blends with a slightly modern The Knack sound. It’s a “Love Me Do” feel at just the right moment.

It’s a new year.

Hannah Cranna
now moves on to the moment when the Parade of past new years turns more modern, more Wilco-esque. With Enough, Hannah Cranna presents in front of the viewing/listening stand their multiple approaches to music, displaying their expertise along with it. Take This Darkness channels The Who with razor sharp grooves as it drops into a Crazy Horse style Southern Rockin’, a song which sounds like an updated version of Are You Going Home, Polly?. Something Left Behind is a mid-summer, sunset ballad that’s been around ever since someone picked up a guitar at a beach bonfire and off we go, we’re launched into Peal Jam/Wilco/Toad The Wet Sprocket/Allman Bros. territory… “I know that you know / but who is to blame / It seems like / A real nice parade / Then, it starts to rain.” Hannah Crannah will not leave their story behind. They parade it in front of our ears so we may look back on how their years have matured, and when they tell us; “I was keeping up with something left behind,” we realize how all the music presented here is a Hannah Cranna timeline. Halcylon Days asks us to remember Get Close, The Beatles, and I Wanna Hold Your Hand – but, they are also plunging into the New Year, marching ahead, all the while asking “Do you remember? / I remember / those Halcyon Days…

It’s a new year.

Hannah Cranna
begins it by paying homage to the past, the final procession of this real nice parade is 4 tracks from ’97 which were produced and mixed (also played on) by former Badfinger member Joey Molland. Coming Untrue, Toeing the Line, Heroine in Ohio (“Think about the years you left behind/Don’t think they were just a waste of time/ They were mine”), and Money/Flying (live ’97) show that they had mastered in ’97 what took Jeff Tweedy & Co. 10 more years to figure out. It’s Big, Bold, Rootsy, and Ballsy. Grand, majestic, sweeping soundscapes that bring up the rear of this parade and make us look to the beginning/future once again…

It’s a new year.
From the ashes of the old
Hannah Cranna, rise the hopes of the new.


A Real Nice Parade

A Real Nice Parade by Hannah Cranna
is available now for: $9.98 +s/h*

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