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Through The Eyes
2009 The Naomi Star

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The Naomi Star
Through The Eyes

Total Time: 40:28
Cost: $10.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: Pure Pop / Alt. Country


The Naomi Star

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1. Karma
2. Where Are You Going
3. She Told Me
4. Moneyman
5. Powerpo Nugget
6. Anjoulie
7. Through The Eyes
8. A Better Place
9. Brighter Star
10. Truly
11. Slowing Down
12. Another World
13. Your Love (Annabelle)

Check out The Naomi Star CD:
Sunshine Girl.

Issue #114                                         Jan. ‘09

On their self-titled 2003 debut release, The Naomi Star displayed a passion for ballad-esque Alt. Country with a hint of pop. It was a stunning accomplishment that left people wanting more and wondering why such a talented band would then disappear. Reappearing 3 years later with 2006’s Sunshine Girl, The Naomi Star had grown into a solid Beatles influenced Pure Pop band. Their sophomore CD was an instant classic of Pop, which was hailed by many. While not totally disappearing after Sunshine Girl, The Naomi Star laid low for a bit while crafting what would become their 3rd release, 2009’s Through The Eyes. This time Steve Bunovsky (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Dan Kohler (bass, strings, rhythm guitar, harmonica), Paul Kohler (lead vocals, percussion) and Steve Raccagni (drums) combined their Pure Pop and Alt. Country to create one of the best musical/pop/radio-friendly/hit machine albums of all-time.

Through The Eyes
can be described as The (’64-’65) Beatles produced by (Jesus of Cool) Nick Lowe as played by The Hollies - Pure Pop Perfection supported by textbook Alt. Country as defined by Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker. Karma opens the album with Hooks, Power-Pop and Harmonies, all with intense, airy, dreamy, guitar riffs that could fill an arena as perfectly as they could fill a garage or concert hall. Where Are You Going gives us even more harmonic bliss; it is the complete Alt. Country package. Jumping off the player with compelling story telling that makes the song come to life, it treats us to good old-fashion Top 40 radio delight. Everything is right – timing, progression, hooks, runs, riffs, and sing-a-long lyrics – it’s all here and it just keeps coming…

She Told Me
is an up-tempo crossover Alt. Country-Pop radio hit, Moneyman gives us a darker, heavier pulse that brings to mind The Move, and pushes the edge while showing the ability to rock in a tighter confine and still conquer defining harmonies. Powerpop Nugget extols the virtues of Powerpop by singing a song about singing a song that goes “Straight to the top/ and the radio played it/ over and over/ ‘til we begged them to stop.” Using power chords and repetitive hooks to drive the force of non-stop heavy rotation through the brain, The Naomi Star comes up a winner here acknowledging overkill – yet ending the song abruptly enough to drive the point home – Powerful. Following this masterpiece of Powerpop is the perfect Alt. Country tune, Anjoulie, a masterstroke of song sequencing. This shows that the power of pop, when married to country correctly, can result in perfection and makes a case for the versatility of The Naomi Star while establishing them as a uniquely talented band.

By this point in the album,
The Naomi Star has thrown down the gauntlet: This is the album of 2009. Track after track is hit after hit material. The song writing craft is pop perfection without equal. Their professional style, self-production shows that they know their way around the studio as well as around the songs. Where are the so-called geniuses of the music world when a band like this, as talented in the craft of music composition, can slip by without acknowledgement? Well, screw the corporate shirts, their studies, their surveys, and their demographics. I’m here to point the way and tell you that if you enjoy Pure Pop perfection coupled with ultimate Alt. Country that harkens back to the birth of Rock-n-Roll when The Beatles married skiffle and blues to harmonies and hooks to create Pop as we know it, then look no further than Through The Eyes by The Naomi Star. Is there a better song perfect album of 2009 out there? Well, there are twelve months to find out. In the meantime, we only described half the album to you so far. Care to flip this platter and find out what’s on side 2?

From the title track and carrying through until the end, we get song after song of pristine pop, vocal harmonic perfection, classic purist production, and ultimate song writing tales of Love, longing, want, need, romanticism, and escapism - just to name a few subjects of what we come to know and love pop/alt. country music for.
A Better Place would make Brian Wilson envious and makes us “Smile.” Brighter Star’s lovely harmonies and beautiful acoustics again conjure up the Beatles & The Hollies while evoking The Eagles and CSN & Y.

The final 4 tracks of
Truly, Slowing Down, Another World, and Your love (Annabelle) leave
us astonished at what
The Naomi Star has accomplished with their 3rd release. Change the name of the band to that of an established act and title this a “Greatest Hits” package and no one could argue that fact. As an independent band from a musically overlooked part of the country, The Naomi Star have crafted the pinnacle of pop/Alt. Country perfection that most major artist bands would have to wait a career to produce. Don’t wait for the commercial entities to try to explain to you why they overlooked one of the masterpieces of the early millennium, sink your ears into Through The Eyes and be content to know that it doesn’t take a media machine to acknowledge great songwriting.

The Naomi Star - Through The Eyes
is available now for: $10.98 + s/h*

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