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The River and The Sea
© 2006 Useless Loser Music/BMI

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Chris Buskey
and the High Lonesome Plains
the river and the sea
The 2006 IndepenDisc of the Year!

Total Time: 50:15
Cost: $10.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Alt. Country Rock

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT

1. 40 Acres
2. Willow Street Green
3. Despise
4. (I'll Be Your) Judas
5. Take Your Time
6. Apple Red, Baby Blue
7. Brass Ring (Nothing Lasts)
8. Down To Nothing
9. God and Texas
10. Amber
11. Porchlight
12. The River and the Sea

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Chris Buskey
and the High Lonesome Plains

Issue #88                                    Aug. '06

I have an advantage, or perhaps even a disadvantage – the new CD, the river and the sea, by Chris Buskey and the High Lonesome Plains, contains 12 tracks of pure Alt. Country / Americana rock bliss – Yet 8 of those tracks have been in my collection for quite some time and while this gives me greater insight, it also draws me back to a review I wrote in May of 2002 for the High Lonesome Plains EP, Songs for Young Lovers.

In Issue #37 of the IMC ‘Zine I wrote: “Pain, heartache, sorrow, self-pity, The Lonesome Loser, a wreck of a man whose self confidence has been shattered and scattered by too many lovers who have passed through his life without any hope of return. Sure he’s loved them; he’s loved them with such uncompromising reverence that he cannot see past his own blindness to the issues that play heavy in his heart and mind.”

That statement holds forth for the river and the sea, but gone is the blindness – by surrounding 3 of the 4 songs found on the 2002 EP (Brass Ring (Nothing Lasts), God and Texas, Porch Light) with 9 more tales of heartache and heartbreak, we hear and experience a growth, an acceptance, a maturity if you will, of both the heart and mind of our protagonist. Even as we feel his pain and despair of lost/unrequited/longed for love(s), we realize our lonesome loser is going to be fine – “First the river / then the sea.”

Shortly after the release of the 2002 EP, an Australian Record company with great interest (and international distribution) contacted Chris Buskey about releasing a full-length CD. Plans were made, the CD was recorded, and the Australian Record Co. went silent in regards to the High Lonesome Plains – while they obviously continued with business as usual, no correspondence was returned, ever. Meanwhile, Chris circulated a 2 song single (40 Acres, Amber), and a 4 song EP (containing the single 40 Acres, along with Despise, Down To Nothing, and Take Your Time) while biding his time. Finally, after a year plus of waiting, and with the help of Vic Steffens (who’s production caps this CD perfectly) and his Horizon Music Group, the river and the sea CD has been released.

My knowing 8 of the 12 tracks could’ve reduced this release to another 4 song EP in a series of EPs for me, but it didn’t. The river and the sea comes at this reviewer as a full-length CD of a magnitude that just astounds. 3 items jump out here: Buskey’s prose, Buskey’s vocals, and the playing of the High Lonesome Plains.

All 12 tracks are vignettes of complex affairs of the heart. Buskey’s gift of prose and his poetic allegories and alliterations that reach deep into the heart and burst forth under metaphors and symbolism steeped heavily with equal parts optimism, cynicism, hope, wonder, despair and love, make it hard not to be sucked into each individual tale as if it is your own. Using verbal imagery to define faith and belief in love, along with all that is good and evil about it, Buskey delivers sermons without preaching. He extols virtues of biblical proportions with the sincerity of someone who has traveled the green, green rocky road of the heart and has not only cast his eyes skyward in prayer and his thoughts soul-searchingly inward, but has also offered himself up in a sincere sacrifice of the heart for the person(s) of his love and affection.

Couple that with a distinct and unique, nasally twang of a voice, and Chris Buskey is staking out a claim to a lyrically significant, vocal delivery territory much like that of such identifiable singers as Johnny Cash and James Taylor.

Along with Chris Buskey (vocals, acoustic guitar, Nashville guitar), add the High Lonesome Plains, Ian Alsgaard (piano, organ, keyboards, vocals), John Lindberg (electric guitars, vocals), James Velvet (bass, vocals, percussion) and Johnny Java (drums, percussion), and you have a tight, terse Rock-n-Roll Americana Alt. Country Band. At times piano driven with solid sharp drums and bass rhythms punching dirty, distorted, fuzz tone guitar leads with bold, grand, open acoustic chords wrapping around intense, personal, stumbling/struggling vocals in a full assault, this band knows every nook and cranny of each other and fills them precisely where and when needed. The HiLo’s can also be a modern day hook-filled massive ensemble not unlike The Band in their heyday. Whether it be a waltz style death march, a gritty garage pop, a southern strumming gospel, or an electric rocker with all the guts of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the High Lonesome Plains deliver a sound that captures the landscape and atmosphere of the lyrical prose so perfectly, so intently, so all-encompassing, that there is nary a misplaced note to draw your attention away from the tale(s) unfolding upon your ears and within your heart.

Words come true / and in to view /
Now your heart / it’s black and blue /
What will come / and what will be /
first the river / then the sea

the river and the sea
by Chris Buskey and the High Lonesome Plains
available now for $10.98 + s/h*

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