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Oh, My

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Jennifer Parsignault
Oh, My

Total Time: 45:46
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STYLE: Modern Day Adult-Contemporary


1. Oh, My  
2. Believe Me   
3. Great Escape
4. More Than Love
5. Beautiful One
6. Some Religion
7. Why
8. Matter of Time
9. Prayer for ST. Symin

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Issue #30                     Aug. '01

Life is a spiritual journey, and the music we listen to as its accompaniment can define that journey into individualistic segments as numerous as the thoughts that carry us along. What comes to us divine throughout life’s cycle is as unique and varied as each one of us are on the human scale.

Jennifer Parsignault, with her 3rd release “Oh, My” presents to us a spiritual journey that coincides with relationships. Born in France and raised in Boston, MA. Jennifer’s love of music began with the violin and moved on to singing, songwriting, production, and engineering along with piano and keyboards, and she puts it all to work here fashioning a captivating disc. Using vocals (somewhere between Kate Bush and Tori Amos) that borrow heavily from a myriad of religious incantations, musical arrangements that take advantage of everything from stripped down solo piano accompaniment to full overblown studio production in the style of the Brill Building era, and lyrics that capture the essence of love and its commitment/joy/heartbreak (and the countless other emotions involved with anything that incorporates love into our everyday existence) in such a manner that we can stand at either side of the bridge she constructs to join the space between both mortal and spiritual relationships and see not only where it is coming from, but where it leads to.

Oh, My opens with the title track and a door closing. As the synthesizer accompanies the solo piano we can’t help but to feel as though we’ve just entered into some sacred place, be it a church, a monastery, or for that matter a confessional – for yes, here we find a woman pouring her heart out, her soul seeking the reason, the meaning, of her existence in relation to her relationships. When the rest of the instrumentation kicks in it’s to carry her along as she seeks confirmation not only for her love of a man - but also for her love of god through her love of man. (Do not overlook the closing 30 second spoken outro, which leads to…)

…The religious overtones that span this disc are not presented outright and are left for each of us to draw our own conclusions, depending on our own current mindset of worship. “Believe Me” pushes this spiritual double-entendre to the very edge of individual religious beliefs. Using lyrics heavy in religious imagery and metaphors, this song brings to mind the Rice/Webber composition “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. There, Mary Magdalene questions her love of Christ – where Christ is established as a man, and a desirable one at that, when in fact he is the Lord – and it presents a moral crisis. Here Jennifer gives us the modern take, where she questions her love of a man  - who in her eyes has been elevated to Christ-like status - as the obvious religious aspects point to a spiritual crisis.

Just as we are about to question the validity of the spiritual theme that pervades this CD, “Great Escape” bursts upon the stage in all the glitz and glamour of a song that the current girl divas a la Brittany would sell there souls to record (in fact Brittany, if you’re reading this give Jennifer a call, she’ll set ya straight) a lying, cheating break-up song that’ll have you looking for the choreographer as you cheer the girl on.

Mixing up the rest of the disc we find Jennifer presenting several more good time dance floor pop beauties along with tender heartfelt ballads. “Beautiful One” with it’s early ‘70s Elton John inspired piano is a pure love song that celebrates the beauty found in the intimacy of man and woman. “Why” is another typical break-up song, but the masterful control of the vocal sentiment and range that Jennifer displays incredibly brings to mind that of Judy Garland. “Matter Of Time” resurrects the Barry White/Marvin Gaye style of Motown smoky, sensual, sexual Jazz/Funk and also walks the line of Southern Baptist church revival flavor.

Prayer for ST. Symin” closes the disc. With a prelude of Cathedral Bells ringing in a slightly off-beat troubled manner we are shifted off balance as the hollow/hallow haunting church organ enhances the metaphor of a bedtime prayer that is recited to except the end of the day as well as the end of life “I lay down / and rest my weary head / sleep / now to dream / again / Long is waking hour / and tired / is my heart / time / do carry me / to morrow / come carry me away / come carry me away / time I’m ready now / for morrow / Come carry me away / come carry me away / time I’m ready now / for morrow / for morrow.” Causing us to ask what is the morrow? What lies beyond? What does the morrow hold for us and are we truly ready? After listening to Oh, My and traversing with Jennifer Parsignault along the inner roads of relationships - be they spiritual or mortal, empty or fulfilling - we can only be led to conclude that we are ready for the morrow and whatever it may present, because of the joys and simple pleasures of our spiritual journeys that we’ve experienced in the course of a day, a relationship, a lifetime, and of course - a musical interlude. And, this disc is one of them.

Oh, My by Jennifer Parsignault
is available for: $9.98 + s/h*

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