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One For All

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The Manchurians - One For All
CD Out of Print - 
Available in Digital Download only (see below).

STYLE: Chicago R&B, Rock-n-Roll                       HOME TOWN: Meriden, CT.

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Issue #33                                  Nov/Dec ‘01

Let's put everything that's been happening aside, for now let’s just concentrate on Rock-n-Roll. Pure Rock-n-Roll. Rhythm and Blues: the epitome of Rock-n-Roll, Rock-n-Roll’s birthright. Some say Rock-n-Roll is dead, lost with the innocence of a long ago time when R&B/R-n-R mirrored a youth culture that expressed their rebellion through music, and laid the foundation of seduction firmly within the coins dropped through the slot of the Wurlitzer playing the 45’s.

Rock-n-Roll is still alive. It may be referred to as jukebox music, and found in the cutout bins, but it is timeless. 45’s / singles / hot wax / 33&1/3’s / platters / LP’s / vinyl - it all perseveres on CD, and you can still feel the power of the needle dropping into the grooves. Yes it still grooves us, moves us, picks us up and spins us around and around – The turntable bumps and grinds us from the dance floor to the bedroom, the corner booth to the back alley. From Sun Records and Motown, Phil Spector, Stax/Volt and The Beatles. Most notably from Rock-n-Roll’s parents: The Rhythm and Blues sound fueled from the southern reaches of New Orleans with its Texas swing influence right on up to Chicago and its barroom shuffle/swagger. It’s all about the infectious feel and irresistible sexual allure…

…Just like The Manchurians and their debut disc “One For All.” Down and dirty Chicago style barroom R&B that hails Rock-n-Roll with a business like attitude of serious rollicking house party fun tingling with a sex charged ferocity.

Based out of Meriden, CT, The Manchurians are Roger C. Reale (Vocals, Bass), Mike Roth (Guitar, Vocals), and Mat Reale (Drums), along with a host of Guest / Additional / Studio Manchurians (see complete list below) – Most notably original “Animal” and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hilton Valentine, who shines on the opening track “Storm Warning” trading dueling lead Guitar with Roth as this toe tapping, head bobbin’ tale of woman woes blisters with an early Aerosmith like nod to the pure Rock-n-Roll of original R&B.

Track #2 “Never Come Sunrise” pushes the sex laden atmosphere with the hard, soaring lead harmonica playing of Robert Orsi forcing us, without hesitation, to get down and get on it. Perhaps this is why “Never Come Sunrise” has found itself onto the soundtrack of the upcoming Kiefer Sutherland film “Desert Savior.”Also receiving industry accolades is “Midnight Train” a funky tale of the blues, sporting vocals of wringing emotion that lay evidence as to why Buddy Guy has recorded it. And “Yes Man,” a soaring account of sexual submission cut directly from the club blues and featuring Orsi’s harmonica as not just the frosting, but the filling as well, this song was originally intended for Albert King, but was eventually recorded by BB King. With such legendary recognition it’s no wonder that this CD absolutely takes on a life of it’s own and transports us to a time when music not only captured our heart and soul, but helped to drive our emotions with a personal intensity that need not be matched or altered by any circumstances beyond the sound being traced by the needle in the groove.

Take the groove of “Cold Cold Heart,” a song that drives itself like a runaway train Rock-n-Rollin’ down the track to run down and trample over the femme fatale’s next victim. With the harmonica accenting the dire straits, we find ourselves strapped to the tracks along with the narrator. “Locked In A Mystery” presents another saga of heartbreak as The Manchurians take the R&B off the stage and into the studio. Emphasizing a solid R&B base with Beatle-esque style production (Magical Mystery Tour / Sgt. Pepper era) of tape manipulation it allows us to bask in the ability of music to celebrate its birth, lament its journey through the ages, and reaffirm it’s power and glory.And, how over time it is all still substantial enough to continue on, to persevere with that infectious feel and irresistible sexual allure…

The Manchurians - One For All
CD Out of Print - 
Available in Digital Download only (see above).

Guest / Additional / Studio Manchurians: Robert Orsi - Harmonica, Hilton Valentine - Guitar, Peter Detmold - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Jon Tiven - Guitar, Jimmy McAllister - Guitar, Tim Stawarz - Guitar, Mickey Curry - Drums, Alan Merrill - Backing Vocals.

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