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Sunshine Girl
2006 The Naomi Star

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The Naomi Star
Sunshine Girl

Total Time: 42:35
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STYLEPurest Pop Rock


The Naomi Star

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1. Sunshine Girl
2. Just Let Go
3. Hazy Sunshine
4. Enlighten
5. Gonna Find Her
6. Paperback Writer
7. Misty Water
8. Saturday
9. Find My Way Home
10. Annilation Blues
11. Down My Road
12. Sky So Blue

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Through The Eyes.

Issue #98                                      Aug. '07

You can’t judge a book by its cover…

Show of hands, how many of you have actually bought an album/CD because of the cover?
My hand is raised, how about yours? Hmmmm…

The cover of Sunshine Girl by The Naomi Star presents summer, presents summer as a girl, a girl who wears a very psychedelic look, a look that invokes the summer of love (and to think, this is the 40th anniversary of that summer), and shines, shines in a fashion that embraces Pop. Pop as described by The Beatles, the creators and ultimate masters of the true Pop genre (and we should include all the various bearers of the torch since). The Naomi Star band members worship at the alter of The Beatles and they prove themselves worthy disciples.

Sunshine Girl is an instant summer classic. Right from the start this is tasty tuneage; using a studio magnificence that smacks of professional mixing, producing, and mastering and conjures up thoughts of the Rubber Soul & Revolver era, the title track is one perfect pop song that lays claim to a total record of compositions just as noble.

And just like that Just Let Go, Hazy Sunshine, Enlighten, and Gonna Find Her take us on a journey through a songbook that has Lennon/McCartney and Harrison inscribed upon each bridge, harmonic backing vocal, lead solo, perfectly placed hook, sing-a-long chorus and more. Add a Jeff Lynne/ELO and Neil Finn/Crowded House understanding of how to present Beatles-style Pop without becoming a knock-off band, and we’ve entered a new chapter on how important the past history of music really is to the continued development of actual musicians/artists of the 21st century and beyond.

You can’t judge a book by its cover…

I do actually judge a band by its cover - its cover of someone else’s song(s). It is a credit to those bands who can find the right cover to enhance their own sound while paying respectful homage to the original writers/performers of such song(s). There are certain artists/songs that are very dangerous for any musician to try to cover; many times it can become the defining element of their existence – as much a death toll as a triumphant victory. To even attempt a Beatles tune takes balls.

Following Gonna Find Her, which is a perfect 1962 Munich rock/Liverpool skiffle hammering replete with “Oo, La, La, La, Oo, La, La, La’s” and patented Lennon yelp at the crescendo for the wrap, The Naomi Star tosses the dice and comes up a winner with Paperback Writer. Placed directly in the center of this pop-fest, Paperback Writer explodes out of the speakers and immediately plants a smile on your face. Go ahead, try to wipe it away, you can’t, and why? Because The Naomi Star nails it. With Down and Dirty guitars and pitch perfect harmonies, they update and refresh the song to a point where they make it their own and a part of this millennium, yet let us know that it is done with ultimate respect and honor to The Beatles, and the era from whence it came.

Might as well flip the LP here, because Sunshine Girl breathes nostalgia, it liquefies on the speakers and drips over the edges, it has you wishing for a turntable and summer. Misty Water hints of Led Zeppelin melding with Jefferson Airplane. Find My Way Home is a grand XTC meets Crowded House via Berlin era Bowie with a side of Motown and 60’s R&B fusing with Bad Company as played by Earth, Wind & Fire to a point where involuntary participation is mandatory. And, Annihilation Blues is the English White Boys playing Elvis playing American Black Rhythm & Blues complete with requisite 5 note lead solo.

Slipped in-between those is Saturday, a stripped acoustic number which wraps a blissful sound in a hallowed and haunting backing and gives us an emotional peek into the growing abilities of the band to deftly craft pop gems in all variations. Along that same line, the album closes with two more perfect portraits of pop. Down My Road is a sparse tale of one man’s obsession. The Naomi Star offers 2 short stanzas to set the tone, then uses a slow deliberate musical build to accent the vocal inflection of one phrase repeated so that it aptly captures the curiosity, as it grows into questioning, annoyance, frustration, helplessness, and finally anger before gliding to a succinct end. Finally, Sky So Blue sets a fitting conclusion to this pop pureness with an anthem to the peacefulness of life (dig the echoing Toms, acoustic chords and string accompaniment). Put aside your conflict, open your heart and mind, drink in the beauty of nature, enjoy life, for though there may be rainy days, the world is still covered by a blue sky.

You can’t judge a book by its cover…

The Naomi Star cover pop.
Perfectly. Buy the book. ;-)

The Naomi Star - Sunshine Girl,
is available now for: $10.98 +s/h*

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