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In The End, All Things Begin
© 2005 Ill Dough Productions

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In The End,
All Things Begin

Total Time: 52:18
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STYLE: Jazz-Fusion / Goth-Funk


1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Ijo People
3. Bubblegum
4. Search the Heart for Something Real
5. The Birth
6. Talking With Shadows
7. You Still Haunt Me
8. Supernova
9. Dawn
10. In The End


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Issue #76                             July ‘05

As the sly, tantalizing cymbals rise over the dreamy, synth landscape, a smoldering beauty of bass rhythms part the curtains and we are invited into the candle lit bedroom by the lo-fi beats droppin’ around a piano lounge chord progression of passion and heat. Inviting us in to explain that this Sexual, neo-Jazz-Funk jam throw down is one of the most sensual and sexual healings that has flowed through our ears on a hot and steamy night in ages. During this trance-inducing, instrumental, sexual experience of personal euphoria, we are told: “While you were sleeping / Lovers made the sun rise.

OHN, a seven-piece ensemble from Austin, Texas, has just taken Sexual Healing into the 21st century and beyond. Using a free form Jazz-Fusion, Goth-Funk style that captures the pureness and intimacy of 70s soul, while introducing the increasing abilities of modern studio and DJ style board manipulation, OHN has fashioned a simmering platter of forward moving experimentation that has us in a tizzy.

As a loose concept album, In The End, All Things Begin sidetracks its purpose on Ijo People in order to show us the root of the music. In a Talking Heads “Remain In Light” era sound, OHN displays African rhythms punctuated by a southside sax playing a jazzed intro progression, fused with an Alan Parson’s style techno-funk. Suddenly we are traversing continents – Using a sound bite (by someone whom I’m sure I’m suppose to know about – but don’t), OHN tells us of the Ijo people of Nigeria whose nightly drum playing reflected the good happenings of the day, and of which their particular rhythm inspired the sounds we have emitting from our speakers.

Now fully exposed to what we can expect from this CD, all we can say is “Let’s get it OHN,” and with Bubblegum that is exactly what OHN does to us. Boarding the disco/punk sound of “Sandinista!” era Clash and solid Bootsy Collins/Rick James era P-Funk and getting it on to Sly and The Family Stone’s rhythmic style of musical representation of love and sex, OHN reaches back to the 70s techno-disco groove and hits the modern dj/beats dance floor mating ritual in stride – “Don’t you love the taste of sweat / to put you in the mood?” Yes, we’re sliding, we’re moving to the sound, we’re dancing and groovin’, bumpin’ and grindin’ to the B3 organ that is as representational of foreplay as the actual dance is. We lip synch along to the no nonsense chorus, “I don’t want to say too much / I just want to feel your touch,” and scream in ecstasy. Someone hose us down ‘cause this floor is sooo hot, it’s on fire! Tossed into an extended bridge of wah wah pedal, distorted funk guitar, we connect with and acknowledge the love that sits firmly behind the lustful statement of “Fuck me ‘til I’m dead,” for it is the music as sex and sex as music that allows the passion to manifest itself into a beauty that transcends these words. If this isn’t enough to get your clothes off then you shouldn’t even be listening…

For those that are, Search the Heart for Something Real offers up that cool down time that laying between the sheets just afterwards represents. A time of muted celebration that takes on a reflective quality that love and the act of physical collusion intertwine to inspire - an introspection of all that has transpired and that which may be brought forth from it. “As you breathe your symphony / I sing ballads to your dreams.” Swept into a future-esque funk time warped around an ideal, Search the Heart reaches a climax that represents The End...

As in the title, OHN has constructed this disc as a parable to human nature (and in fact, all nature) where the conclusion of one thing almost assuredly begets the beginning of another. Here, it is love, physical expression. Discovery, attraction, romance, passion, fulfillment, climax, conception - In The End, All Things Begin. Think of that as a concept. While the afore mentioned progression stated might lead you to think Birth, as in a child, try to think of it as Birth, as in the start of something new, something created by the conclusion/collusion/collision of the beginning elements of whatever is being presented/represented. It can be just about anything, and with The Birth placed in the center of the CD’s cycle, OHN jumps out of our sexual healing to take us to the birth of consciousness forcing us to re-imagine, to reflect, to re-examine the plight that got us here. A dark rhythm-esque beat of beats and synth stew jump out to take us down an until now unseen demon path that lurks just beyond the soul of our sexualness. Sucked into a bizzaro horn beat, we spy a slice of heaven with our ears tied in an ultra bondage of deep dark suave sophistication ultimately lighting up in a spectral joy. Torn at finding this parallel, it is the get-down organ and guitar that undercut the quasi-evil that attempts to poison each new beginning, but when the massive drums and beefed up horns dance tightly in celebration above the din as we approach The End, we understand the soul dance, and why The Birth is not the Beginning, yet the center of All Things.

Track 6, Talking With Shadows, begins side 2 of the LP. This song is so Shaft (Issac Hayes) that it brings tears of joy to my old school R&B soul. Early 70s R&B soul rocked my world and here OHN rocks my world. If you dig the ultra-cool suave sophistication that was early 70s R&B soul (a la Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Al Green, Sly Stone, Eddie Kendricks, Curtis Mayfield, Issac Hayes, etc.) then you can dig the chorus of hand claps that accompany the closing dreamy symphonic grace of the string section. Also lending itself to the dreamy R&B soul pop is You Still Haunt Me, which drifts out as the compensation to a fulfilling recreational journey upon the studio-tweaked vocals (God, I hope they can reproduce this sound live, because it would be so serious to see it performed) and awesome turntable work, not to mention the extremely provocative title line that proceeds a studio programmed re-actualization of the classic riff from The O’Jays 1973 Hit, (Gamble and Huff’s) “Now That We’ve Found Love.” I believe that there are certain Hip-Hop artists that should look into the sounds that OHN are achieving here.

Supernova ups the ante as we barrel towards the end. Truly a meld of musical synthesis, this intense quasi-psychedelic futuristic view of society is truly a statement of burning too bright too fast. But damn if you can’t dance to it! Take that all you Metal-Techno heads! This underground sound is soooo jammin’ that I could conjure the names of genre after subgenre that this captures and exploits to the fullest malcontent – Join us futuristic funksters, this is so tragically hip every musical genre snob and poser will love it.

Then, over the darkness that envelopes the end of a supernova, breaks the dawn. Dawn begins our ascent towards the end by replanting us at the beginning; while you were sleeping we entered a candle lit bedroom that resides somewhere along the route previously shown to us by Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield’s theme from The Exorcist. With a rolling drum loop that defies categorization, this synth-funk creation awakens us from some dream-induced higher state of consciousness. While lovers are making the sun rise, a fury of music builds and blends into an intense jam of orgasmic progression to arrive at a new dawn of a brighter era. Perhaps, perhaps, if we practice harmonic love, we can succeed.

And succeed OHN does, In The End, the final track eases us out and thrusts us back in with guitar reverb, echo, distortion, and clarity all rolled into a sustained micro jam that wallows in a Euro-techno-industrial-Funk just heavy and intense enough to make us sweat, and just provocative enough to put us in the mood.

Don’t you love the taste of sweat /
 to put you in the mood

Let’s get it OHN.

In The End, All Things Begin by OHN
Now available for: $11.98 +s/h*

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