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 The Naomi Star "SONG OF THE WEEK" Not Before My Time
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Total Time: 46:13
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STYLE"Genre Fusion" Reggae

HOME TOWNKingston, Jamaica /
                          Stamford, CT

1. All Is In Your Eyes
2. Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Collie Meditation
4. Dancehall Jamboree
5. Highest Grade
6. Melody for my Ladies
7. Personne
8. Don't Fuss With Us
9. No More Tears
10. Messenger
11. Temptation
12. You Tell Me You Love Me

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  Siver Kamel Audio

ISSUE #69                             Dec. '04

From the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, Silver Kamel Audio brings us one of the newest, hottest, amazing reggae artists to emerge on the scene in years. Raised in Venice, Italy and Paris, France, with a decade of music school in London and years of world travel, Nemo finally settled in Jamaica and is poised and ready to spring his sensational, soaring, velvety-smooth, crooning vocals and modern era, hip-hop drenched, reggae chatting style on the global public. Anything less than mass appreciation would be criminal.

Sliver Kamel Audio recording artist Jah Thomas discovered Nemo chatting up on the streets of Kingston and invited him into the studio. With the Roots Radics providing backing,
Cross-Breed was laid down with enough “Genre Fusion” to sweep up any music impresario and carry them to the Promised Land. Establishing itself right from the start, “All Is In Your Eyes” opens the CD with snap drums, leading into solid reggae riddim tracks that lend a generous amount of credibility to Nemo’s vocals abilities. Crooning in classic rasta reggae style dueling with a subtle, yet effective background horn progression, the multiple track harmonies jog along the vocal path of climbing octaves, that hit such high baritones that they quake the gut, and swarm over our senses to elicit a beautiful feeling of Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Effortlessly, track 1 allows us to wade deeply into the accessible reggae culture, only to find that Nemo is just setting us up for the Killer single of all Killer tracks – “Blah, Blah, Blah” bursts forth with such powerful hooks that there is no way to sing the praises deserved by what should be the feel-good hit song of the year. “Blah, Blah, Blah” possesses “thee” sound that every boom box and car stereo system from Kingston to East LA, from NYC to London was created to replicate for the enjoyment of the masses. If this song isn’t an International hit then shame on every musical community that claims to “get down,” because get down it does and then some – meriting pied piper status for the infectious groove that reaches out to each and every set of ears and corrals them for more sensational musical escapades richly steeped in the traditional subgenre’s of reggae’s roots rasta styles.

Any traditional Rastafarian music collection wouldn’t be complete without its praises and promotion of the ganja culture’s affirmation for cooling out and digging the peace, love, and harmony of the kiki weed. Spliffs, Sensee, blunts, and dozens more monikers are name checked and brought to fruition in the unmistakable Marley tradition through “Collie Meditation,” “Highest Grade,” and “Dancehall Jamboree.” The latter is a duet with Jah Thomas which makes use of the highly recognizable Rubadub riddim. Brass horns highlight the call of “Entertainment is a form of enjoyment,” as we are whisked onto the dance floor for a bit of nightclubbing.

Delving further into the CD provides an even deeper perspective to what it is that gives Nemo the uniqueness that elevates him above many of the artists trying to break out, no matter what genre they are working from. “Melody For My Ladies” is the suave lover that has the women fainting in their desire for him. It is here where the Julio Iglesias sex appeal reaches out of the speakers and lures the ladies into the arms and warmth of the vocals that croon and swoon. Based on the Sirens of Greek mythology, we can tell that with just his voice Nemo is going to score with the ladies over every guy in the room. Plus, what woman can resist French - Add lyrics in French (a sampling of which we’ve heard, but weren’t cognizant of in earlier cuts), and the songs “Personne” and “No More Tears” cap yet another area in which Nemo displays his alluring artistic superiority.

Cross-Breed by Nemo entertains us with a well-rounded World Reggae sound that explodes in our ears with such aplomb that the Silver Kamel Audio description of it as a “musical Molotov cocktail” is 100% correct and more. After concentrating on reissuing their back catalogue of Reggae releases from the 70s and 80s (when they were doing business out of London under the Silver Camel Music label) Silver Kamel Audio realized that Nemo was the best new artist with which to kick start the labels reentry into new releases, and for that we are not only extremely excited and eternally grateful, but filled with enjoyment.

Enjoy Cross-Breed by Nemo.

Entertainment is a form of enjoyment.”

Cross-Breed by Nemo
a Silver Kamel Audio release
is available now for: $12.98 + s/h*

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The Naomi Star Go To Top Not Before My Time

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