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Le Petomane
© 2003 Parker Records

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Le Petomane
"Imported from Sweden"

Total Time: 35:01
Cost: $7.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: New "Retro" Wave

HOME TOWN: Somewhere in Sweden

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1. I Miss You
2. Lalalalala
3. Pogo Pogo
4. Go Insane
5. What About
6. Wham Bam Bam
7. I Want You Back
8. Let Go
9. You Shouldn't Marry That Girl
10. Dreaming About You
11. Replaceable
12. We Are Parker

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Issue #52                                 Aug. ‘03

From Sweden, Parker is back.

Last year we sang their praises not once but twice. In March we featured Parker’s debut album “Aderpale.” Then in September we featured “Delusions Of Grandeur,” which essentially was Aderpale re-released with 7 of the original tracks plus 7 more. That disc (Delusions Of Grandeur) went on to become the “IndepenDisc of the Year” for 2002.

Now we are proud to feature Le Petomane, a rousing, swirling, Rave-up that brings back to the mix the synthpop made popular in the early ‘80s as New Wave matured from it’s punk roots and embraced the dance mix of the main stream. Just as Aderpale/Delusions gave us what we coined “New ‘Retro’ Wave,” Parker has taken Le Petomane and successfully incorporated the next step into their sophomore effort. Here we find every bit of the Punk/New Wave attitude displayed on last years releases, along with the 3-chord, 3-minutes and under smacks to the head of tight, quick, jam-packed wallop of music intensity slagged off in a “I don’t care, fuck the rules” attitude that shows a hell of a lot more care than is let on. Once you listen to the complexity that is put into the simplicity of the sounds, you’ll realize that Parker has single handedly resurrected the best of the Garage/Punk/New Wave/Synthpop/Dance/Party era.

Added to this music fest are lyrics that border on cheese, though with a tongue stuck firmly in cheek so as to make them Big Fun – not cheesy. Most of Parker’s lyrics center on the woman who is always in love and always in a crisis of the heart. The funny thing about it is that we can relate in one way or another, especially if we are dancing and digging the sounds that leap us to our feet and cause us to instantly forget the mundane shit of life, while transforming it into a party. The likes of such force us to smile and have a moment of joy and salvation in this world, even if it means singing about every fractured relationship that can possibly be experienced by us all.

Jumping right in with “I Miss You,” Parker (Eva, Klaus, and Carlos – all share the same Parker surname) proves they are on the right track. Musically they are more down in the New Wave depths, using Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club rhythm and percussion to the side of the Hammond organ that adds the eletropop feel to the 3-chord rock guitars. It draws to mind Gary Numan fronting Parallel Lines era Blonde, playing with the ferocity of The Clash, yet as musically bombastic as The Ramones.

Lalalalala” takes us into a retro, garage-surf, mid-60s sitcom theme, fun-in-summer, drive around with the top down, the music cranked and playing the dashboard organ while singing along in the sun song. It’s a top-notch party staple that would fit comfortably on Candy-O by The Cars. Speaking of Parties, the 2nd wave Ska-style “Pogo Pogo” is just that, with Madness inspired horns and Kinks guitar licks kicking ass for a “neverending party - nonstop dance!” After the ultra cool, suave, sophisticated, Rave-up of “Go Insane,” Parker does a 180 with “What About,” a ballad that proves Parker is more than a power pop party band. Here it is Eva’s Lene Lovich style vocals that blow us away as we identify (falsely?) with the sad end of a relationship, told from the female perspective bordering on the psychosomatic, and highlighted by such lines as: “now when you’ve left me I am lonely in my bed/ and still I dream that you and I are one.” It’s the electronic keyboards (bringing to mind New Musik) and hanging angelic ahhh’s of the backing vocals that send this over the deep end.

Placed squarely in the middle of this delicious platter is the 1st single, “Wham Bam Bam,” an infectious rave that utilizes the Farfisa organ beat to drive us up onto the dance floor. Hand claps, a wall of sound, and perversely manipulated vocals dare us to try not to dance to this break-up song that declares war on a former lover, “Yeah, Oh Yeah.”

The rest of the disc gives us more and still more: the crunchy “I Want You Back,” the explosive Adam & The Ants meets The Cramps spit out in The Slits fashion “Let Go,” another heartfelt ballad complete with moody horns “You Shouldn’t Marry That Girl,” the up tempo, genre crossing, bizzaro-disco “Dreaming About You,” and “Replaceable,” which takes the perspective of the other woman and sounds like Thin Lizzy doing The Pretenders “The Adulteress.”

Finally it’s all spelled out to us as Parker gives us the Oingo Boingo via Tommy James & The Shondells treatment with their dance anthem, “We Are Parker.” They connect with their audience by bouncing us on their musical knee until we are so wound up that:

We are Parker we like a good party
we are Parker we like to non stop dance
we are Parker so play that funky music
we are here to play and we are here to stay
Oh oh oh yeah

Oh yeah, we’re saying you should sit up and take notice. Parker has IT. They are creating and producing some of the best new music this side of 1979, and if anyone can fine fault in that, well then may we suggest that you simply don’t understand the power of the punk/new wave movement, a power that still resounds today, if you know what you are listening (and dancing) to that is. Parker knows.

From Sweden, Parker is back.

Someone call CBGB’s.

Le Petomane by Parker
"Imported from Sweden"
available now for
$7.98 + s/h*

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