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Second Saucer
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Second Saucer

Total Time: 21:30

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STYLE: New Wave / Punk / Rock  

HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT

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1. Security
2. Half Naked And Dead
3. Tossed A Coin
4. Why Say I ?
5. Where Have They Gone

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Issue #151                                            Sept. '11

The kids are alright.

“Hey Man, we’re getting the band back together…”

That 2nd phrase has been uttered countless times, and very rarely succeeded
Of course there’s always Vegas and the Casinos.

For as long as there has been music there have been independent bands, in fact it could be argued that the prehistoric tribes could each boast of their bands – but how many got heard outside of their locale? So, for a Local Independent band to “get back together” 30+ years later after hardly being heard outside of their locale, all you’d really expect to be listening would be the elders of the tribe (that’s why they are commonly referred to as: “The Wise Ones”)…

Are you listening?

second saucer
isn’t so much a “getting the band back together” thing, as it is a – “life got in the way of recording these songs, but that’s ok because we never lost our vision of expressing ourselves through the art form of music, no matter” – thing.

With only Mark Mulcahy unable to be in town, Craig Bell (bass, vocals, rhythm guitar), Malcolm Marsden (guitars, vocals, harmonica), and Malcolm Doak (pianos, organs, analog synthesizers, vocals), ¾ the original 1978 SAUCERS line up, asked Kerry Miller (partner in Ron’s Place crimes) to sit in on drums as they ventured into Ron Sutfin’s Wildwood Ranch Recording Studios to lay down some songs…

“Hey Man, we’re getting the band back together…”

Punk wasn’t a genre, it was an attitude…

It all starts with the drums up front. Then Craig Bell’s driving bass line, as Marsden’s guitar rips through it there is no doubt where these guys are from (and Sutfin’s production resonates his ‘Valley Of Kings’ stamp). Doak’s synth touches bring to mind the craft of the synth in the 70’s - starting with Prog., running through Disco, and then set right by the Punk/New Wave movement that was rejecting all commercialized music at that time – in a song that conjures the images of how local DIY, was, for a time, a legitimized but then forgotten force. As hard as they were, those were the good years, so let’s not forget how we survived them, where we found our Security. We can still do that now, 32 (or however many years you want to insert here) later.

“I remember when / Things were so good…”

were the innovators for the reckless abandon that the New Haven/CT scene has held since even before the Punk/New Wave movement from which the band emerged. Here, 30+ years later, they assert their rightful claim as heroes of a generation that has not faded away like so many before…

“I remember when / Things were so good…”

Punk wasn’t a genre, it was an attitude…

“Hey Man, we’re getting the band back together…”

Attitude with wisdom.
The CD ends with a big, lush, grand, swirl-tasic homage to lovers who drift apart, as those in bands tend to do, and a Backing Choir that is brilliantly inspired by Mott The Hoople, (as is the intense musical bridge) which lets us know that 30+ years later, the kids are alright.

Are you listening?

SAUCERS - Second Saucer

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