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 Saucers "SONG OF THE WEEK" The Sawtelles
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Eternal Intermission
© 2003 Exotic Recordings

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The Saucers
Eternal Intermission

Total Time: 27:41
Cost: $7.98 +s/h*

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*CD BONUS: includes music video for
"late bloomer"

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STYLEFunky Groove Rock

HOME TOWN: Bridgeport, CT

1. maybe you're waiting
2. late bloomer
3. left over
4. prophet
5. the soft parade
6. something stop me

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The Saucers

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Issue #56s                                          Nov./Dec. '03

When I first opened the package and saw that the spine of the CD read “The Saucers – Eternal Intermission,” I immediately thought those punk-popsters of the 70s, Saucers, had released a follow-up to their retrospective CD - WhatWeDid (released spring of ’03 and the IndepenDisc Apr. ’03 Feature). Sliding out the CD revealed it to be a new band The Saucers (using the article) from Stamford, CT. With my hopes a bit dashed, I slipped it into the player and was promptly knocked dead!

The trio of Meredith “Mere” DiMenna (vocals, guitar, bass), Touch (bass, guitars, drum programming), and Mr. Sala (drums) open the CD with a sexy, funky, groove of music that allows the smooth, sultry vocals of Mere to slide into our brains as our body feels the flow…

Maybe You’re Waiting” gives us the tale of a romantic break up and the lengths that our female narrator is willing to go to in trying to convince the man that leaving isn’t his best option. Her sexuality beckons him (and us) to her way of doing things; she leads, dangles, and drags it all back using her vocals as her sex, proclaiming “Give me one more chance to change your mind / do you want to do it your way / or would you like to try mine / give you one more chance to see beyond / maybe you’re waiting for me to turn you on.” And guess what. It works, we’re turned on, we’re hooked; the music and vocals have seduced us, making it hard to refuse. The Saucers entice us, intrigue us, and make us want to stick around for this intermission. We don’t know about the boyfriend, but we’re hopping in bed with this disc…

Late Bloomer” (for which a cd-rom music video is included) is a hip-swaying, soul-rhythm, groove track. It simmers along with Mere’s striking vocal usage that just ups the ante on the influences and incantation of her powerful pipes. The girl can croon, soar, and lilt with Diva quality. The Saucers lay down a thick, heavy syrup of funk progression that’ll have your body gliding right into the Latin rhythms that perfectly backlight “Left Over.” This is an intriguing tale of a woman that comes to the realization that the mere touch of his hands upon her skin repulses her to the point that she cannot explain her addiction to him. All this is accomplished by using a down and dirty, Ella Fitzgerald style, Scat vocal set to the pick and slide work of the acoustic guitar which reduces us to pity and desire.

Prophet” takes the soaring vocal prowess of Mere and drops it into hip hop wrapped in a jazzy funk style. It blends and bleeds the sexual heights that today’s modern R&B reaches for (with all their choreographed madness that declares that the intense soul of Berry Gordy’s Motown sound with Brill Building era style vocal exploits can be married to interpretive modern dance) to present a dual artistic view of these art forms. Had any of the current “Hot” R&B/Hip Hop/Soul Diva’s actually recorded this song, it would have instantly charted by selling millions. Hey everybody listen up, listen to this song, The Saucers will show you how to write a crossover smash hit that lends itself to top notch interpretations of modern dance choreographed to modern music.

From modern to classic: Quick, name a Doors song to cover. Chances are you said “Light My Fire,” or “Hello, I Love You,” but how about “Soft Parade?” Soft Parade? Why not? The shifts of lyrical and musical canter, progression, incorporation, and expansion are a perfect representation of who The Saucers are. Mere gives a vocal tour de force that not only lives up to the legend and legacy of Jim Morrison, but also offers the highest of compliments and praise to the Shaman that showed us the best part of the trip. When the vox f/x kick in, Mere’s spot on Grace Slick vocals bring Jim and the 60s to the forefront, embracing the entire spirit that the flower power generation possessed and represented through their music, poetry, and interpretation of art through their presentation of it. Not only is The Saucers cover of Soft Parade an experience in vocal and musical art – I suggest headphones – but it alone is worth the price of admission. (side note: This cover sent me to the store for a CD copy of that Doors classic LP [I gave up my vinyl copy years ago]).

The buried (and probably overlooked) gem here is, “Something Stop Me.” It drops us down inside an ultra funk cabaret club where everyone is dressed to the nines. We’re seated at round tables draped in white linen, while on stage a lone spotlight focuses on the torch singer whose voice illuminates the room. Here Mere’s versatile vocals give an incantation of a way cool, smooth Ricky Lee Jones R&B scat that drips of Joni Mitchell sincerity and melts like butter off the gleaming edge of a hot knife. The instrumentation nods and smiles its way through the smoky haze of the vocals to acknowledge Isaac Hayes classic “Theme from Shaft” vibes, and brings to a close one of the hottest, coolest, sexual music encounters this side of early 70s funk.

The Saucers seduced us into sticking around for intermission, knowing full well that their blend of sensual rhythms, alluring vocals, and erotic production (which spotlights and acknowledges its history and roots as well as flaunts the present and points to the future) will have us lying in ecstasy wishing it would last an eternity.

Take an eternal intermission,
And let The Saucers turn you on.

The Saucers - Eternal Intermission
is available now for: $7.98 +s/h*
*CD BONUS: includes music video for "late bloomer"

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Saucers Go To Top The Sawtelles

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