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Farther In This Fairy Tale
© 2010 Sky Picnic Music
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Sky Picnic
Farther In This Fairy Tale

Total Time: 46:00

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STYLE: Psychedelic


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1. Hide & Seek
2. White Plane
3. Marker 25, 27
4. Seven
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7. Going Mad In Cambridge
8. Father In This Fairy Tale
9. White Plane (Reprise)
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Issue #128                                       Jan. '10

In April of ’09 Sky Picnic’s mini Lp “Synesthesia” was Featured on these pages, where we called them: the precursors of this era’s Modern PsychProg movement. With Farther In This Fairy Tale, their first full length release, Sky Picnic’s Chris Sherman (guitars, vocals), Leah Cinnamon (bass, vocals) and Pete Meriwether (drums, percussion) drop the Prog and totally declare: “Psychedelic is back.” This is Surrealistic Pillow era Jefferson Airplane framed with God Is An Astronaut. It takes us back to the playground where everything we imagined could be.

Farther In This Fairy Tale
is a muted exploration of the soundtrack lost in that space between youthful innocence and matured ignorance. A soundtrack to a trip we have all taken, yet few of us remember. It is an inspired vision of the sound that a spiritual journey may encounter along the pathway to the soul. It is exquisite; the Psychedelic, pick & soar style delicately throws down a Peter Gabriel / David Gilmore exploration through the netherworld of our senses. Once again, that whole Alice In Wonderland style trip ensues - Chris, the hookah-toking Caterpillar, beckons us in to sit a spell while he works his magic on the guitars as we fall into a trance inducing spell of musical bliss. Leah plays the bass and lays down some trippy F/X vocals to convey that this Alice is totally aware of the mushrooms she ate because she’s just jamming. Crazy like a fox is the Mad Hatter Pete, tossing the drums around like so many tea cups in need of attention, but delicately sipping, in proper Queen's etiquette, when getting down to business.

We’re Never Coming Back.”

Alternate universes can be channeled/opened/exchanged through beliefs of the soul. Music is
Sky Picnic’s gift of those universes and gives proper credit to Fairy Tales for exposing the portals/gateways to them. This trio plays beautifully together. Very tight, very intense, there’s more than passion at work here. I had the pleasure of hearing Sky Picnic play live and what impressed me the most was how much of their sound is actually playable live. They take the studio art form onto the stage and have us flying down the psychedelic highway with the low-bottom, fuzzed-out bass and the high-strung celestial guitars punctuated by the restrictedly pummeled drums. Q. Where does (Sky Picnic’s) reality begin? A. On stage.

Many people do not have the patience to understand that you must take the journey in order to appreciate it for where it goes. Allow it to take you and lead you, like those fairy tales when you were on the playground, let it bring you back. Let go of your matured ignorance, embrace youthful innocence, and travel the spiritual journey to the soul.

Go Farther In This Fairy Tale
And let Sky Picnic play the soundtrack for you.

Sky Picnic - Farther In This Fairy Tale

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