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The Meriden
Daffodil Festival

Apr. 28 - 29, 2007
Hubbard Park
Meriden, CT

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 More Uncle Carl                                                                                                      The Unseen Guest

Uncle Carl

Total Time: 40:36
Cost: $9.98 +s/h*

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STYLE: Jazzy, cool, mellow Blues

HOME TOWN: Brooklyn, NY

Visit the Uncle Carl WEB SITE

Uncle Carl

Check out Uncle Carl's CD:
Bring Me Your Children

Uncle Carl
                © 1997 Sha-Shu Records

1. I'm Smokin' Again
2. Barber Shop Mass
3. No One To Hold
4. Peek-A-Boo
5. Big Daddy
6. I'm Too Tired
7. Daffodil
8. Old Man Gloom
9. God Has Retired
10. Holdin' My Baby's Hand

Issue #17                             Apr. '00

    Parallel levels exist so that we may enjoy the pleasures of life. So that we may experience arousal of senses so distant, yet so keen. So that we may touch every possible beauty that can be felt within the mind and soul of ourselves. And, so that we will not miss out on all the subtle nuances of love.

    We enter and exit parallel levels everyday of our life, yet few realize they are there and squander opportunities to grab the brass ring of emotional fulfillment. There are many ways to cross the threshold of parallel levels, common examples include; movies, books, music, television, meditation, and religious inclinations, not to mention hypnosis and psychosis, and/or conscious/subconscious/unconscious decisions and delusions. How long our journey as we pass through is indeterminable - On parallel levels the trip may not necessarily be completed upon conclusion.

     Did I say Music?..................excuse me,
    "Excuse me." The bump of the #4 uptown subway train jostled me slightly into the woman sitting next to me. I dropped Uncle Carl, the self-titled disc by (Yes, I'm going to say it) Uncle Carl into the discman. The doors slid open, I was up the steps and walking down the mainstream when an odd character clenched his teeth as I passed and gave me a discreet "pssst". A nod of his head towards the alley revealed a stone staircase descending along the side of a brick and mortar building that towered into the night.

    The soft flickering neon sign in the fogged window of the basement coffeehouse/bar/cafe` immediately captured my attention as the smell of coffee, bourbon, and opiates lured me closer to the warm glow radiating forth and carried aloft by a sweet infectious jazz laced blues groove. "live music." I smiled.

    Pulling up a stool, I ordered a bourbon and settled in. Uncle Carl - Carl "Smokin' Again" Vreeland and his accompanying trio of "stereotypical, quirky, idiosyncratic, narcissistic, self-indulgent, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol addicted, love sick musicians" (as they put it) were laying down their jazzy, cool, smooth blues sound.

    Using a smoked ravaged mellow vocal that draws visions of beret wearing, cool cat, "shoobie de wah wah", goatee'd beat poets (Uncle)Carl sang tales of loneliness and heartbreak ("I'm Smokin' Again", "No One To Hold", "Holdin' My Baby's Hand") against the backing of the band who play with such dripping emotion and passion that it slices through your conscious and reaches the places inside of you that are only acknowledged with great reluctance, let alone revealed.

    I ordered another bourbon as the babe across the bar flashed a wicked smile that could span the country (let alone lure me to her room), she must've known which astral plane Uncle Carl was heading for next, 'cause the band launched into their coyly sly, slightly risqué, smartaleck musings on voyeurism ("Peek-A-Boo"), S&M ("Daffodil"), self gratification ("I'm Too Tired"), and even religion ("God Has Retired"). No subject too taboo, each song a joyful mix of slinky rhythms, tight leads, and soothing hooks, bridges, and runs. I was at ease. I smiled.

    Uncle Carl delivers a wonderful diversion of pure music. A parallel level of immense pleasure. How can any one not smile as they glide along on this smooth musical ride?

The self-titled "Uncle Carl" CD
is available now for:
$9.98 +s/h*

Click to order     View Shopping Cart  /  Checkout
Accepting Credit Cards and PayPal

    Music. Did I say Music?..................excuse me,
    "Excuse me." The tilt of the Metro North train (which was carrying me the 2 plus hours back to the IndepenDisc office) had knocked the woman (holding a small dog no less) into the seat next to me with a thud. I smiled, then disappeared, listening to the music as I recounted to myself the levels of my Brooklyn trek...

    The doors slid open, I was back. I was still smiling.

*Shipping & Handling charges:
USA - $3.00 for the first 2 CDs ordered,
                     Add $1.50 per each CD after.
Canada - $5.00 for the first CD ordered,
                          Add $2.00 per each CD after.
Everywhere else -$7.00 for the first CD ordered,
                                        Add $3.00 per each CD after.

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