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STYLE: Whimsical, Witty, Multi-Genre Rock.

: New Haven, CT.

1. The Wreck of a Handsome Man
2. Don't You Get Tired
3. Falling Out of the Middle Class
4. Time To Go
5. She Did It
6. This Is Heaven

Check out The Furors Newest CD release:
also their CD: ECCE FURORS and the double CD Tribute to The Furors,
Let's Get Furious" it contains 38 local New Haven, CT scene artists covering their favorite Furors tunes (12 of which were taken from
The Known World
Issue #87s                                   Jul.'06

The first time I had a Guinness was at a Black 47 show. It was 1993 and the NYC Irish rockers were playing Irish clubs to promote their first release. It seemed that everyone in the club was Irish and drinking Guinness. Being a beer lover, I of course ordered a Guinness on tap. But drinking it was tough - too bitter to these Italian taste buds, too heavy for enjoyment, too filling to be able to drink your fill. Nope, this Guinness was not to my beer likings.

Fast forward to the present and except for the hot mid-summer months, Guinness is all I drink on tap. When I go to my favorite pub, Café 9 in New Haven, CT, the bartenders automatically draw me a pint without asking, “What’ll it be?”

An acquired taste? A learned pleasure?

For many people, the first response to the Furors mirrors my response to that first pint of Guinness. Listening to the Furors can be tough - too raw for those who are use to a studio polish, too quirky for enjoyment, too discerning to be able to drink in fully. Nope, the Furors are not to everyone’s liking. Now then, how does that explain the past 30 years that Derek Holcomb (Guitar/vocals) and Tom Dans (percussion/vocals) have been writing, recording, and performing as the Furors? How does it account for songs/singles too numerous to mention, their spate of LPs, CDs and continued live performances that still draw crowds to the local pubs (such as Café 9)? And of course, how does it warrant a tribute CD that became a double CD (Let’s Get Furious – A Tribute to The Furors!) based on the sheer volume of bands/artists that wanted to contribute to it (38, but whose counting)?

An acquired taste? A learned pleasure?

It would depend on whom you ask. The newly converted, the lifelong follower, the fellow musician/fan, the pub reveler who stops mid-drink to try and understand exactly what is drawing him in...

All in all it doesn’t really matter. Heaven, the Furors newest release, does in fact live up to its name. It is a gem of an album. The Furors culled 6 songs, many from their recent live sets, that perfectly exemplify everything there is to love about the Furors. Opening with the crowd pleasing The Wreck of a Handsome Man, Derek & Tom waste no time pouring their brand of pleasure into our glass – fractured chord structures dance and flow over, around, and under a syncopated rhythm and fragile harmonies to draw attention to too many areas in a manner that needs more attention than you actually realize.

While the song Don’t You Get Tired continues on with the Furors strengths and classic DIY appeal, it’s Falling Out of the Middle Class that showcases the genius of the Furors. Disjointed to a point of distraction, it isn’t until you hone in on Derek’s lyrics that the full Furors assault is grasped: “No matter what percent / I can’t afford to rent / money I’ve already spent.” This is a socially conscious, politics damning song that should be played over and over until everyone sits up and takes notice. You say you want a revolution!

Time To Go gives us the heart of Furors, a ballad with harmonies that skewer the properness involved with most. And, just as you’re trying to figure it all out, She Did It scratches its way into your ears (and I mean vinyl sound scratches and hiss as the needle slides into the groove, not modern day hip hop style scratches), with a quick skiffle diddy that’ll have the GoGo girls swimming in their cages while the Buddy Holly meets early John Lennon guitar chords ring throughout.

This Is Heaven closes the CD and finishes this Furors pinnacle exactly as it should, showcasing Tom’s various percussion embellishments (bells, bongos, toy piano, shakers, etc) around Derek’s reeled in high-strung guitar chords, while the duo’s harmonies profess a right-in-front-of-your-eyes appreciation for this life and this world, right here and right now. And you know what? That’s all you need to understand the appeal of the Furors.

The Furors are the Guinness of music.

An acquired taste? A learned pleasure?

Pour Heaven by Furors into your glass and drink deep from the Perfect Pint.

Heaven by the Furors
is available for: $5.49 +s/h*

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