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Total Time: 19:57  Available on CD: Cost: $6.98 +s/h*  or Digital Download (see below)

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STYLE: Whimsical, Witty, Multi-Genre Rock.           HOME TOWN: New Haven, CT.

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plus the double CD Tribute to The Furors, "Let's Get Furious"
Released on the
ThinManMusic label.

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Issue #66                                 Sept. '04

(This month we are honored to have Frank Critelli as our Guest Reviewer).

After accolades and honors and a 38-band tribute CD
(Let’s Get Furious), one would understand if The Furors chose to relax with their Living Legend status. But that wouldn't be characteristic of this prolific pair. Instead, they've chosen to record their finest disc to date.

ECCE FURORS gives New Haven, CT and the rest of the known world eight more gender-bending, category-defying reasons to fall in love with this quirky duo.

"Don't Make Me Kiss You," the opening track, begins with Tom Dans' jangling tambourine and Derrick Holcomb's fuzz-toned guitar. The guys are having fun here, and they clearly communicate the feeling to the listener in the vocal harmonies. There is an urgency in their voices, and Tom's harmony seems more in the foreground than on past recordings. Harmonies also play an important role on "Again." Tom is just flat enough to create an uncomfortable feeling. He keeps the listener slightly off balance until Derrick can knock you over with distortion in an otherwise sweet-sounding song. It's oxymoronic: sweet yet dirty... like the smell you used to take home with you after a pre-smoking ban night at cafe nine or your local watering hole.

"My Little Secret" gets even dirtier when Derrick growls "I have more than one vice." The lovely "ooh-ooh-ooh" backing vocals and the "shhh" ending provide a nice contrast to the ominous lead vocal and mysterious lyric.

"Look Into My Eyes" and "Your Daddy" explore two very different (though equally pleasing) styles of country music, while "Love For Me" gives the listener a full taste of acoustic furor. This is the only song not recorded in the basement of the Furor Mansion, and it provides the best vocal performances on the disc. Ron Sutfin captures the nylon stringed acoustic guitar and the smart percussion sounds perfectly; the song is short and sweet and represents all the best qualities of the Acoustic Furors.

The disc ends like it begins: upbeat and fun. "I Saw You Walking" is my pick of the disc, and I'm looking forward to hearing this song live.

The Furors and ThinManMusic have good reason to celebrate the Release of ECCE FURORS. The Furors continue to be a treasure to New Haven musicians, writers and fans, and this disc is sure to please.

Thank You Derrick and Tom!

Ladies and Gentlemen...BEHOLD THE FURORS!

--Frank Critelli
September 1, 2004

is available for: $6.98 +s/h*

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