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Hello Beautiful
© 2008 The Peacock Flounders

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The Peacock Flounders

Hello Beautiful

Total Time: 40:51
Cost: $9.98 + s/h*

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STYLE: Post Punk

HOME TOWN: New Haven / Durham, CT.

1. Hello Beautiful
2. I Forget
3. Apple Trees
4. Lemon and a Lime
5. Rage
6. Ride
7. In the Inside
8. Oh So Easy
9. Still Be Mine
10. Sonic Believer

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Issue #108                                              Aug. ‘08

Disclaimer: This CD arrived as a submittal complete with IndepenDisc logo on the label and in the inside booklet, plus a personal mention in the Thanks you’s. Unbeknownst to us, Ron Sutfin is a huge IndepenDisc fan ;-) . Talk about pressure on an audition… On both parties...

Hey Man, who says a leopard can’t change his spots / Appearances deceive / Change is internal baby / It’s what’s inside that counts.”

The Peacock Flounders are balls to the wall rock of the ’78-‘82-‘84 Punk/New Wave era. They are so in-your-face you can’t help but love their mature, polished treatment of the punk/new wave movement/genre, especially that of the New Haven, CT scene, which has seen a huge swell of its notable reunions – Seems as though 30 years later, the mid-late ‘naught decade is not only representing that cultural upheaval on the major circuits, but also on the indie/underground/local circuits as well: long is the list of scenes stretching across the country where that era’s pioneers are once again rising to lead another wave into the next decade.

The Peacock Flounders emerge as a new band in today’s landscape, made up of veterans from New Haven, CT’s legendary Ron’s Place circa ’78. With Kerry Miller & Ron Sutfin, formerly 2/3rds of Valley of Kings (and many, many, many various notable others), sharing vocals and trading instruments, we are treated to a large encompassing view of the way music was presented in the indie scene of the late 70’s. Attitude drips out of every song in ways in which Joy Division, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Ramones, The Dead Boys, and countless others (Pick up The Trouser Press Guide To New Wave Records [pub.1983], and you could easily throw the whole book in this sentence of comparisons) drenched your senses.

In the late 70s these were the groundbreaking young upstart kids who loved music so much that 30 years later they are forming bands like The Peacock Flounders that rise up like a Punk/New Wave Phoenix and show that the love and compassion, for not only the music, but also for the culture of the generation, beckons and calls. This is a needed response to the reprocessed corporate money machine that has its crosshairs trained on the same demographic that broke the Beatles and more since the mid-60’s, only now with lesser quality than ever. Tweennyboppers are not new; they’ve just been dumbed down by a society which we have reluctantly become a part of. But back when, the tweenyboppers knew enough to understand that indie bands at the local level could, in music, define the passion of a generation even better than what the labels presented (See: Rhino’s collections like Nuggets & DIY as reference). Hello Beautiful is a testament to that and confirms IndepenDisc’s mission statement (which exonerates the opening disclaimer).

Ranging from Hit single material (I Forget, In The Inside, Oh So Easy [dig the guitar work that closes out this one] and Still Be Mine) blended (and I mean blended on Chop & Grind) with such balls to the wall classics as Rage, Ride, and Sonic Believer, The Peacock Flounders pay homage to the Dead Boys via every three cord fuzztone ever launched off the vinyl of the day, played only as seasoned veterans can play it. They have taken the entirety of the genre to the next logical advanced level. Welcome back music that was born sloppy but has now refined that sloppiness into pure genius – The Peacock Flounders may have just broke Punk, again, 30 years later. Music with attitude this ferocious is too good to turn away from, again.

The Peacock Flounders - Hello Beautiful
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