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The EP Collection (2004-2005)

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the badge - The EP Collection (2004-2005)

Total Time: 42:29 Available on CD: Cost: $6.98 +s/h* or in Digital Download (see below)

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STYLE: Classic Mod Rock            HOME TOWN: NYC, NY

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Issue #75s                              June '05 supplement

From October ’04 through March ’05 the badge released 3 EP’s of material: 11 songs, now all contained on one CD titled The EP Collection (2004-2005), that were basically the foundation for the band’s upcoming 3rd release “****”. I’m sure as they sifted through the songs in an effort to determine what would and what would not make the cut, they must’ve had an extremely difficult time eliminating any of these songs. So in an effort to somehow get them all out there to the public, the idea of releasing three “limited edition” EP’s was born.

All together now as The EP Collection (2004-2005), these 11 compositions show off the progress that the songwriting team of Jeff Slate and Marc Teamaker has made since their last outing (2003’s Calling Generation Mojo). They give us solidly written rock compositions in the Classic late 60s/early 70s style. Taking their Lennon/McCartney knowledge and abilities and adding perfect compliments a la‘ Grand Funk, Deep Purple, and The Byrds, as well as a few dashes of Harrison and The Plastic Ono Band, Slate and Teamaker boldly stake their claim to the next rising of Mod.

Exploding out of the gate with Super Fine!, the badge quickly establish their mastery of the genre: deep heavy throbbing bass lines, soaring classic guitar power chords, and is that a Hammond B3 organ I hear riffing throughout? Not to mention the fab accent sound it lends to Make Me Happy, a perfect period piece of cross-Atlantic, Ameri-Brit, pop-rock hybrid sound that could’ve ruled the charts of the early ‘70s.

And that is the crux of this compilation – 11 songs, some of which will be on the forthcoming badge release “****”, the rest resigned to B sides – Yet, The EP Collection (2004-2005) works as a solid Classic rock release of the 70’s - a stigma that isn’t overlooked by Slate and Teamaker who must’ve penned the chorus of Too Demanding (from EP #2) to accentuate the positive:

It’s too demanding living in the past
you gotta have faith that this will last
it’s too demanding to face today
it’s too demanding but we’ll find a way, yeah yeah

and then a rollicking Rascals style B3 organ jaunt over the bridge has us on our feet and dancing in the aisles. As with every song here, if we aren’t dancing we’re boppin’ our heads or crooning along with the ballads or harmonizing with the choruses. the badge writes classic rock with a talent that disappeared about two decades ago. I cannot name another songwriting team of this era, other than Slate and Teamaker, that has accomplished as solid an Lp of classic rock songs as this.

That Magic Feeling, the final song here (and of EP #3), pairs with Too Demanding to finalize the feelings Slate and Teamaker have poured into the music and the badge. Swimming with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper / Magical Mystery Tour era production and instrumentation, the badge wear their schooling on their sleeves as they lay it all out for us:

There was a time when peace and love were all around
There was a time when we all rejoiced in the sound
Let’s try and find that place
Let’s get back to that place
That is ours

That magic feeling
That love is the answer
Is the cure

That magic feeling
Ooo that feeling
Is for sure

Yes, there was a time…

If you wish to get back to that place,
To get that magic feeling,
To rejoice in the sound,
To feel that peace and love are all around…

The EP Collection (2004-2005)
by the badge has That Magic Feeling,
and it’s Super Fine!

The EP Collection (2004-2005) by the badge
is available now for: $6.98 +s/h*

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