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the badge - retro...

Total Time: 42:18 Available on CD: Cost: $9.98 +s/h* or in Digital Download (see below)

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STYLE: Rock 'n' Roll         HOME TOWN: New York, NY

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Check out the badge's newest release:  Telecasts - The Bootleg Series Vol. 6
as well as their CDs:
Calling Generation Mojo & The EP Collection (2004-2005)
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December Supplement          Dec. '98 retro... by the badge is aptly named. Extracting everything that is good from Rock 'n' Roll's vinyl days (retro) and updating it to the (digital) present, the badge has succeeded where many have paled in comparison. They have taken all that was taught to us by the Beatles, studied it, learned it, then after acing the exam, went into the studio and used that knowledge to create retro... This is the album that the Beatles would've progressed to making had they remained together. In fact, the production is so polished you'd swear George Martin was behind the boards.

Starting with a voice announcing "Now, for those of you watching in black and white/this one is in Technicolor", you are quickly absorbed by the opening riffs of "Watching Rainbows" as they leap out of your speakers, followed by infectious drums and vocals, you're hooked before the perfect harmonies kick in. Even though the terrain is familiar, you know you're not in Kansas anymore. the badge proclaims at the end of the track that, they're "Waiting for a sign that everything's OK" and then they take you along to find it.

What follows is a 10 song journey over that rainbow into a land where Rock 'n' Roll is represented in all its forms. The orchestrations of strings and horns on "Mr. Destiny" and "Guthrie Palace" are rooted solidly in the production technique evolved from the "Sgt. Pepper" sessions. The cover of Badfinger's "No Matter" (a far superior, yet faithful rendition) continues to showcase the bands mastering of old school rock. You can hear a healthy dose of the Young Rascals, the Lovin' Spoonful, and the Spencer Davis Group sprinkled throughout. Not forgetting to mention that when the badge straight out rocks, you'll find the shadows of Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, and even Dwight Twilley lurking about.

The disc closes with the epic "Unfinished Business" chronicling the end-state of a relationship. As far as we here at IndepenDisc are concerned, it's our hopes that this title was chosen as the closer in order to subliminally let us know that there is a lot more music to come. And, as the simulated needle tracks through the end grooves to reveal a "hidden" slice of tape loop, we realize that we have our "sign that everything's OK".

    the badge retro... it's a killer,
and it's available now for: $9.98 +s/h*

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