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Word To The Lourdes
© 2009 Exotic Recordings

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Saint Bernadette
Word To The Lourdes

Total Time: 19:25
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HOME TOWN: Park City, Bridgeport, CT

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1.  Nobody Wants My Kind Words
2. Already Gone
3. [He's] A Collector
4. Wrap It Up
5. I Can't Add You To My List
6. Don't Take This Away From Me

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 & their previous incarnation: The Saucers

Issue #121B                                     Jun. '09

One of the more noticeable trends in independent music is the move to EPs. While EPs are not a new concept - they’ve been around since the days of vinyl – it has only been in the past few years that we’ve seen a rise in their popularity, and for good cause. An EP allows the artist the ability to get their music out to the audience in a cheaper and more quickly accessible format. The EP converts well into affordable downloads as well as hard copies (CD format) and by splitting that “upcoming” album into 2 EPs or more, the artist can write, record and release their music much quicker and get the “follow-up” record into the hands and ears of their listening public faster, so as not to suffer from the music/artist A.D.D. that so much of today’s audience exhibits. Whereas, it might take a year (or more) for an artist to write, record, press, and release a full-length album (thus losing any type of steam/hype/anticipation their last release/tour garnered them). That, in the indie market, is almost a deathblow. Keeping your music out there, accessible, fresh, and current is the key to success in this day and age. Two of the artists who subscribe to this theory and are making it work in their favor are Saint Bernadette and Eula.

Saint Bernadette’s 3rd release, Word To The Lourdes, is their 2nd consecutive EP. Hailing from Bridgeport, CT, this musical sect, led by Meredith DiMenna (vocals) and Keith Saunders (guitars, percussion, backing vocals), has been reading the scriptures of music to the masses since their 2003 pre-canonization days as The Saucers. Blessed and sent forth by the newly ordained Saint Bernadette, their first (2007) release, In The Ballroom, was a sultry, provocative, smoldering testament to the alluring power of the musical word. In 2008, thumping a musical soundtrack EP with the prophecy of I Wanna Tell You Something, Saint Bernadette preached to the masses by bringing the word to the pulpits and the alters of the independent communities. Now, their 2009 release, Word To The Lourdes, finds the apostles Joe Novelli (astral slide guitar, backing vocals), Brian Anderson (bass, backing vocals), and Dave Valle (drums, percussion, backing vocals) helping to spread the word of the Rock-n-Roll gospel.

Proclaiming their love, understanding, and intent with the lead-off track, Nobody Wants My Kind Words, Saint Bernadette implores the congregation to open their hearts and minds to the salvation of Rock. Once the rhythm is established and Joe Novelli’s Astral slide guitar takes flight, we know the spiritual power of the music is going to kick our ass. The Led Zeppelin inspired opening of Already Gone confirms that Saint Bernadette has found the healing power of Rock and that they’re going to save our souls no matter how many musical parables they have to use in order to absolve the sins of all our musical pleasures.

Not many independent bands in this day and age have this belief in their convictions. The true love and spirit of the music gets lost in translation due to the greed of the business. Too many sheep fall by the wayside and are lost. Yet every now and then, a teacher comes forth to shepherd the flock. With Word To The Lourdes, Saint Bernadette continues to fulfill the prophecy as the ones chosen to spread the gospel of Rock. The power of the word can be found in the hellbent deliverance of Meredith’s angelic vocals rolling over the heavenly intensity of this hammer of the gods outfit.

Have you suffered at the hands of the false idols of Rock-n-Roll?
Then let
Saint Bernadette’s Word To The Lourdes be your saving grace.

Saint Bernadette - Word To The Lourdes
is available now for: $6.98 +s/h*

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